Former Dutch Spy Chief Dick Schoof Proposed as PM by Geert Wilders’ Coalition

Geert Wilders and Dick Schoof.

The long and convoluted soap opera of the formation of the upcoming rightwing government in the Kingdom of Netherlands may be nearing its end.

The coalition around Geert Wilders’ PVV party – the winner of the last November elections – has finally proposed a candidate for Prime Minister, Former Dutch intelligence chief and political outsider Dick Schoof.

Schoof said yesterday (28) that he will uphold the rule of law and govern for all the Dutch.

Reuters reported:

“‘I am not affiliated to any party, I am not standing here in the name of the PVV… I want to be the prime minister of all the Dutch’, Schoof, who has had no previous experience in parliament or in government, told reporters.”

Schoof led the intelligence agency AIVD and anti-terrorism agency NCTV for years.

He was also the head of the Dutch immigration service in the early 2000s.

“‘I guess it will be a surprise for a lot of people that I’m standing here… It’s actually also a surprise for me’, he told reporters.”

The incoming coalition will implement the ‘strictest-ever asylum regime’: beef up border controls, impose rules for asylum seekers.

That is sure to put them at odds with the present EU leadership before even taking office.

Wilders gave up the PM seat to see his policies implemented.

“Once he has formed a government, set to be the most right-wing in the Netherlands in decades, he will be sworn in by the king and officially become prime minister.

‘Congratulations Dick. Dick Schoof has a great track record, is not a member of any party and thus stands above the parties, is honest and, on top of it, very friendly’, Wilders reacted on social media X.”

The new government will seek to secure exceptions on EU asylum and environmental rules.

“‘I think that, in all my positions, the common thread has always been the functioning of democratic rule of law and that will help me in my function as prime minister’, Schoof said, adding that outgoing prime minister Mark Rutte is for him ‘a form of inspiration in the way he handles things’.”

Geert Wilders, last week, said that he expected the new government ‘to be operational by end-June’.

BBC reported:

Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders won the Dutch election last November and eventually came to a coalition deal with three other parties after he agreed not to go for the top job.

Under the 25-page deal, Mr. Wilders’ Freedom Party and the three other leaders in his coalition agreed they would stay in parliament out of the cabinet, while about half the ministers would be picked from outside politics.”

Wilders ditched some plans, such as banning the Quran, but he his immigration policies are here to stay.

“Mr. Schoof said he knew Geert Wilders ‘a little’ but stressed he had been appointed by four parties that had a big majority in parliament. Asked whether he or the far-right party leader would be the boss, he said: ‘There is only one prime minister and that will be me’.”

The coalition’s first choice for prime minister, Ronald Plasterk, pulled out after Dutch media reports questioned his integrity.

“The next step for the prospective prime minister will be to assemble a ministerial team, along with the man leading the process, Richard van Zwol. A cabinet could be in place by the end of June ahead of the summer recess.”

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