Far-Left Reps. Cori Bush and Ilhan Omar Mix Up Memorial Day With Veterans Day, Delete Tweets in Embarassment

Far-left Democratic Reps. Cori Bush and Ilhan Omar made an another embarrassing gaffe by appearing to mix up Memorial Day with Veterans Day.

While the two Congresswomen put out messages marking the national holiday, they appeared to confuse Memorial Day, a day to honor fallen American soldiers, with Veterans Day, a day to honor everyone who has served in the military.

Omar posted on the X platform:

On #MemorialDay, we honor the heroic men and women who served our country.

We owe them more than our gratitude — they have more than earned access to quality mental health services, job opportunities, housing assistance, and the benefits they were promised.

Bush also posted:

This #MemorialDay & every day, we honor our veterans in St. Louis.

We must invest in universal health care, affordable housing, comprehensive mental health services, and educational & economic opportunities for our veterans as we work to build a world free of war and violence.

After people pointed out their mistakes, the pair then deleted their posts and replaced them with more appropriate wording.

Omar wrote:

On Memorial Day, let’s say thank you to the brave men and women who selflessly sacrificed their lives in service to our country. Thank you to the families who also have sacrificed and have dedicated their time to ensuring their loved ones are remembered.

Bush added:

This #MemorialDay, we honor those who served and lost their lives for our country, and we hold in our hearts the loved ones they’ve left behind. We must continue to push to protect our service members while working to build a world free of war and violence.

Unfortunately for these leftists, the internet never forgets.

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