Expert Charges DOJ Actually is ‘a Threat to the Republic’

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Has been weaponized against President Donald Trump

Democrats long have claimed that President Donald Trump and his supporters are a “threat” to democracy.

But they’ve been unable to say how they’re a threat, except that if they were in the majority in Washington, that would mean that Democrats were not in the majority, and therefore away from the central positions of power.

But now an expert is warning that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, with its weaponization of the nation’s justice system, actually is “a threat to the Republic.”

The comment comes from Gene Hamilton, a lawyer and official at the America First Legal Foundation.

His comments came during a hearing this week before the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, which is exploring just how the Biden administration has turned the authorities of the government into arms of the Democrat party.

He said, “Prosecution and charging decisions are infused with racial and partisan political double standards. Immigration laws are ignored. The Federal Bureau of Investigation harasses protesting parents (branded ‘domestic terrorists’ by some partisans) while working diligently to shut down politically disfavored speech on the pretext of its being ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation.’

“A department that prosecutes numerous FACE Act cases while ignoring dozens of violent attacks on pregnancy care centers and/or the coordinated violation of laws that prohibit attempts to intimidate Supreme Court Justices by parading outside of their homes has clearly lost its way. A department that has twice engaged in covert domestic election interference and propaganda operations—the Russian collusion hoax in 2016 and the Hunter Biden laptop suppression in 2020—is a threat to the Republic.”

The organization explained, “The Biden administration—and most notably, the Department of Justice—appears to have embarked on a journey of political persecution of those with whom it disagrees, with the end result being the total social, economic, and political domination of the populace.”

According to HeadlineUSA, President Donald Trump now is facing “a myriad of legal troubles” but those attacks appear to be the operation of the DOJ under “the supervision of President Joe Biden.”

The report noted longtime New York attorney Robert J. Castillo, who has been “involved in many different types of cases.” But he said he’s never before encountered “the types of politically motivated cases that have been brought in this presidential election season. These political cases are being used as a weapon of war to damage, defeat or impede political adversaries and their allies.”

In fact, Biden’s appointees are prosecuting Trump for having papers from his presidency at home, but are not prosecuting Joe Biden for having documents from the Barack Obama administration in his home. They are prosecuting Trump for expressing his opinions about the 2020 election, but are not prosecuting Democrats who openly claimed the 2016 election was stolen. They are trying to convict Trump of felonies over misdemeanor bookkeeping violations in New York. And more.

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