EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kim Klacik Wins Republican Nomination for Maryland Congressional Seat and Speaks to The Gateway Pundit (VIDEO)

Maryland GOP Congressional candidate Kim Klacik is back after making headlines in 2020 with an incredible campaign as “the first Black female Republican candidate running for a Maryland Congressional seat, ever.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kim Klacik made quite the scene with her EPIC campaign advertisement, exposing the Democrats’ hypocritical Black Lives Matter scam and the rotting city of Baltimore. She also crushed it at the 2020 Republican National Convention in August.

After tragically losing the 2020 General Election to Democrat Kweisi Mfume, she’s back on the general election ticket in 2024. This year, after redistricting, Kim Klacik is better positioned to win and help President Trump pass through his MAGA agenda. “These lines were drawn when a Republican held the seat, so we’re feeling very optimistic about it,” said Klacik.

Additionally, Klacik was endorsed by former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on Tuesday. Ramaswamy has built a large fan base among Republican and Independent voters while staunchly backing Trump even when running against him.

In the Tuesday primary, Klacik was declared the winner with a staggering 64% of the vote. It wasn’t even close.

Only an hour after the polls closed, she was predicted winner and gave a victory speech:

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Klacik spoke to The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson on Tuesday night, just after polls closed in Maryland.

We discussed Joe Biden’s Southern Border Crisis and what she predicts will happen in Maryland following President Trump’s MASSIVE rally of 100,000 supporters just hours away in Wildwood, New Jersey.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on Trump’s mega rally and his plan to campaign in formerly blue states, which he says will flip for him.

Klacik also commented on New Gen 47 PAC’s venture to swing low-propensity young and minority voters to the Republican ticket by hosting concerts with A-list musicians and celebrities.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, New Gen 47 PAC, founded by LJ Fino, President of First Class Records, and PR consultant Alex Fahmy, is holding a rap concert with rap star Waka Flocka Flame next month in Miami. Get tickets HERE:

TICKETS ON SALE NOW: New Gen 47 PAC’s HISTORIC FIRST Pro-Trump Concert in Miami With Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Launch Event – June 14!

You can learn more and support Kim Klacik's campaign here.

Watch the full interview below:

Conradson: You broke onto the scene in 2020 with a bombshell video, you know, exposing the ruin of Baltimore nowadays. What's different about this year running for Congress?

Klacik: Well look, unfortunately, we have the same problems. And I think that's why we're back at it again. I mean, here we are four years later, and we're dealing with the same issues, whether it's crime and violence, a southern border that's not secured, we've got a problem with jobs, opportunities, the economy, gas prices are still high. And so, it's unfortunate that we're dealing with the same issues. And so we thought, You know what, we're gonna give it another go. As many people know, we had redistricting here in Maryland. I'm in the second congressional district. These lines were drawn when a Republican held the seat, so we're feeling very optimistic about it, and we definitely need a lot of people’s support going forward. But this is a time to send another Republican down to Capitol Hill within the Maryland delegation, and we're excited.

Conradson: I just came back from New Jersey where there were 100,000 people at Wildwood Beach for President Trump. How will that resonate to the region as a whole? Do you expect Maryland to go more red, possibly for President Trump, and how will that affect your race?

Klacik: I think so. I think, you know, a lot of people talked about the suburban women in 2020. But, if you listen to suburban women today, a lot of people are saying, ‘You know what, despite how I feel about his personality, I really want his policies.’ And there are a lot of women that are moms that are looking at what's going on in the schools, and parental rights is something that's very important, keeping female sports female; this is something that President Trump talks about often. And I think this is when we're gonna get a lot of suburban women supporting the Republican Party, supporting President Trump. As you said, you were in New Jersey, and I have to say, in New Jersey, you're gonna see some seats flip, and I think the governorship is going to flip. I think they're going to make it happen, and I think here in the state of Maryland we're going to see something similar.

Conradson: Another thing I notice, of course, soaring crime here in Baltimore, but I'm coming from Arizona. I wouldn't have expected to see every single day, day after day, I'm seeing more and more illegal immigrants here in Baltimore, out there in DC, They're flying them all over the country. What are you going to do in Congress to stop not only the soaring crime, but the illegal immigration crisis and flying illegals thousands of miles across the country?

Klacik: Yeah, it's time that we really do something about it. I mean, obviously, we have to secure the southern border. There are many people talking today saying, ‘look, we don't even feel like we have a border at this point because the way that it's open,’ and a lot of people are not gonna want to hear this, but it's going to be time for some deportations. We have a situation, a crisis, a humanitarian crisis that we cannot sustain at all, and it is taking a toll on our resources, our hospitals, our schools. And you know what? I want to put Americans first that's what it's about. It's about dealing with what's going on at home, and right now, I see us giving a ton of money to illegal immigrants, yet we're ignoring our children and some of these schools, we're ignoring our veterans, we're ignoring those that really have been here and has served our country, and we just can't do that anymore.

Conradson: One other thing I want to ask you about: my good friends, Alex Fahmy and LJ Fino, they have this New Gen 47 PAC. They're going to be holding pretty incredible events, historic events, you know, they have a rap concert coming up in June with Waka Flocka Flame in Miami. What do you think an event like that, a concert with Waka Flocka or other A-list famous rappers would have, what kind of impact do you think that would have on Baltimore City or Baltimore County?

Klacik: This is what we need. It's like we're winning the war when it comes to policies, but we’re also winning the culture war. People are tired of what they're seeing on a day-to-day basis. And just so people understand, even in black communities, we're seeing the crime and violence soar just like everywhere else. We don't want criminals in our neighborhood. We don't want to defund the police. We don't want to vilify our police. We love to back the blue, and so we gotta get back to common sense core values and our morals, and I think everybody can agree on that.

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Jordan Conradson, formerly TGP’s Arizona correspondent, is currently on assignment in Washington DC. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in Arizona's elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Maricopa County led to the resignation of one election official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room for his courage in pursuit of the truth. TGP and Jordan finally gained access after suing Maricopa County, America's fourth largest county, and winning at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Conradson looks forward to bringing his aggressive style of journalism to the Swamp.

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