EPIC FAIL: AOC Praises God for Pouring Rain in NYC Before Trump’s MASSIVE Bronx Rally – God Responds by Stopping Rain

After Trump took the stage in the Bronx, thousands of supporters were still lined up, awaiting entry in the overflow crowd with clear skies

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the unqualified low-IQ congresswoman from New York, got slapped down by none other than God on Thursday after apparently doing a rain dance ahead of Trump’s Bronx rally. 

As The Gateway Pundit reported, thousands of voters turned out in the Bronx despite fears of violence from Democrats, who had a minimal presence at the rally despite 15 or more politicians and groups trying to disrupt the rally with their weak protest.

Before Trump’s speech and during, supporters were lining up around the block awaiting entry to the maxed-out rally, and thousands had to watch and listen to Trump’s speech in the overflow crowd.


There was also a presence of GOP Congressional candidate Tina Forte supporters with a banner that read “FireAOC.com.” Forte is running against AOC in the General Election for New York’s 14th congressional district.

Forte previously pointed out AOC’s weak turnout at an event in the Bronx, which looked like a socially distanced Joe Biden rally:

Hundreds of thousands also tuned in online to The Gateway Pundit and Right Side Broadcasting Network for live coverage of Trump’s historic rally!

In the morning, pouring rain struck the Manhattan area, but that’s never stopped Trump from pulling in a massive crowd to one of his rallies.

Rain near 9th Ave. and 30th St. Manhattan, New York at 9:57 am

The rain had subsided around 11 am, likely making angry leftists like AOC even angrier.

Leftist Politico’s Jeff Coltin posted a video of this rain at approximately 10 am, claiming that Crotona Park, where the historic rally was held, “is going to be a muddy MESS.” However, there was hardly any mud. Coltin’s post was FAKE NEWS!

“God is Good,” responded AOC on X with a prayer emoji 30 minutes later, just before the rain stopped. Catturd commented back after the rain stopped, predicting the rally would be huge and slamming AOC, who “wouldn’t draw 50 people” in the Bronx.

Others flamed AOC and expressed disgust for her rabid anti-Trump prayers:

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