Elon Musk Now Fully Awake on Election Integrity, Promotes Non-Profit Urging Whistleblowers to Come Forward

Business titan Elon Musk is now seemingly fully awake on the issue of election fraud and is urging whistleblowers to come forward to report irregularities ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

On Saturday, Musk retweeted a video from the Fair Election Fund to his 182 million followers, attracting some 1.6 million viewers at the time of writing.

The newly formed non-profit organization is seeking to compensate whistleblowers for exposing Democratic attempts to steal and subvert America’s electoral process.

The ad states:

Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our American experiment. It is part of our core. But we can only have confidence in the result if there is trust in the process. Across the country, there are real cases of fraud and abuses of the system that have eroded our trust. From executive orders opening the door to non-citizens voting, while some cities look to make it commonplace. Unions rigging the game through unethical ballot harvesting. And some leaders are outright refusing to follow the law when administering elections.

This is happening in plain sight. But those in power look the other way. They lie and dismiss and then demonize common sense steps to ensure our elections are free and fair. And they are still lying. That is where the Fair Election Fund comes in. We are making a major investment to compensate those who expose cheating in our elections.

If you have knowledges of abuses in the system, your story could be what helps preserve our democracy. If you are an election worker, organizer or concerned citizen who has witnessed this corruption first hand, we want to hear from you. Those who report fraud from our $5 million fund. With your help, we’ll shine a light on the corruption and stop it. This is how we restore trust.

In a press release this week, the Fair Election Fund expanded on its plan to promote election integrity across the country following the fraud that took place in the 2020 and 2022 election cycles.

“The bulk of the group’s budget will be devoted to paying whistleblowers like election workers, organizers, and concerned citizens who have witnessed this corruption firsthand for sharing their stories,” the release read, according to Fox News.

“All claims will be vetted by Fair Election Fund’s team of experienced election law attorneys. The group will highlight these cases through aggressive paid and earned media campaigns, the first of which will begin immediately.”

Find out more about the Fair Election Fund at thefairelectionfund.com.

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