East Palestine, Ohio, Abandoned by the Biden Regime, Gets Help from Blue Line Moving CEO

Blue Line Moving CEO John Rourke.

John Rourke, a veteran and the CEO of Blue Line Moving, has stepped forward to help the citizens of East Palestine, Ohio, something the Biden Regime does not seem eager or willing to do.

Rourke has pledged to bring a water filtration system unit to every single home in East Palestine after the ecological disaster that struck the small town.

Rourke is working with Sentryh20 , and the company is donating the 2000 systems needed to help the community.

It took Biden a year to visit the community where a Norfolk Southern train derailed near the Ohio border with Pennsylvania.

At least 11 of the train cars that derailed contained hazardous materials. Several cars were carrying vinyl chloride, a cancer-causing substance.

During his February 2024 visit, Biden was greeted by angry protestors.

Rourke joined Daniel Baldwin on OANN to discuss the motivation and details of his remarkable pledge telling Baldwin, “The reason why I want to do this is because I am just tired of people not putting America first and Americans first.”

He told The Gateway Pundit, “This Country needs to start putting Americans first.  We have to worry about East Palestine more than Palestine.”


In January, Rourke partnered with Big Dog Ranch Rescue and other rescue organizations to travel to Colony Ridge in Texas, an area is a sprawling development that’s become a magnet for illegals, to rescue animals facing inhumane conditions that have been abused, starved, and abandoned.

Rourke is also the founder of We Fund The Blue Foundation and the Great American Cleanup, which helps clean up the mess left by illegals in border towns.  The organization also provides disaster relief to areas across the country impacted by natural and man-made disasters.

Following a cleanup, the nonprofit raises funds to support, honor, and recognize the local law enforcement community.


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