DEVELOPING: American Servicemember Critically Injured, 2 Other US Troops Wounded at Gaza Pier

An American servicemember was critically injured and two other US troops were wounded at the floating Gaza pier on Thursday.

The three servicemembers suffered “non-combat” injuries, according to the Deputy Commander of US Central Command.

Two of the US troops suffered sprained ankles and a minor back injury. The third servicemember was critically wounded and taken to a hospital. Details of the third servicemember’s injuries were not publicly released.

Reuters reported:

Three U.S. troops have suffered noncombat injuries during the operation to establish and operate a pier off the coast of Gaza to bring humanitarian aid to Palestinians, U.S. Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, the deputy commander of U.S. Central Command said on Thursday.

Cooper told reporters that two of the injuries including a sprained ankle and a minor back injury. Cooper declined to offer details on the third injury.

The US military recently completed the construction of a floating pier.

The floating pier will be used to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.



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