Department of Labor Facing Backlash for Calling Women ‘Menstruators’

The Department of Labor is facing backlash on social media after it referred to women as “menstruators” in a blog post about employers making “workplaces more menstruation-friendly.”

The post, which the department also shared on social media, celebrated “Menstrual Hygiene Day.”

“#Menstruation affects half the U.S. workforce but talking about it at work can be taboo. For #MenstrualHygieneDay, here are 5 easy actions employers can take to help menstruators thrive at work,” the department posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

In the blog post, the department urged employers to “Provide a sufficient supply of varied period products in bathrooms and ensure menstruators can access products privately” and “Allow flexibility in uniforms, with options in dark colors to ensure menstruators do not need to worry that an unexpected period or heavier flow will lead to noticeable stains.”

“Do you mean women?” former Missou cheerleader Andrea Katherine responded.

“Joe Biden is once again referring to the women of this country as ‘menstruators’ because his radical base thinks that men can menstruate. Remember when he said he would be a ‘moderate?'” GOP Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois replied.

Federalist writer Brianna Lyman wrote, “Insulting that I’m reduced to being a ‘menstruator’ rather than simply a WOMAN because a handful of mentally ill women want to be called men — but still get their periods.”


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