Racist Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley on the House Floor: “I’m So Tired of White Men Failing Up” (VIDEO)

Is she talking about Joe Biden?

Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley went on a racist rant against white men on the House floor on Wednesday.

The House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday held a hearing following a report that revealed widespread sexual misconduct and harassment at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg was in the hot seat on Wednesday as lawmakers grilled him on the toxic work environment at his agency.

Republican lawmakers called for Gruenberg to resign.

GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry blasted Gruenberg on Wednesday.

“You never have apologized in your written statements, in press reports…for your actions in this report. There is no apology for the people you have berated over the last 13 years at the agency or actually the last 20 years…Do you apologize to the people that you affected?” McHenry asked Gruenberg.


Squad member Ayanna Pressley went on a racist rant about white men as she ripped into Gruenberg.

“I am so tired of white men failing up. This lack of accountability is shameful, inadequate, and deeply unsatisfactory, and it is retraumatizing,” Ayanna Pressley said.

Imagine if a white congressman used the same racist statement against blacks.


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