Conflict of Interest? Rep. Hageman Blasts Democrat Dan Goldman After Prepping Michael Cohen for His Testimony While Paying Over $150K to Judge Merchan’s Daughter’s Firm (VIDEO)

Credit: House Committee on the Judiciary

Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY) launched a vehement critique against Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), highlighting what she referred to as a glaring conflict of interest involving his interactions with Michael Cohen and financial ties to the daughter of the judge presiding over the Trump trial.

The subcommittee convened on Wednesday to delve into allegations of lawfare tactics being employed to manipulate legal systems against political adversaries, including the witch hunt against former President Trump.

During the hearing, Rep. Hageman did not mince words: “It seems like there might be a dog in this hunt on the other side. What you need to understand is that Mr. Goldman, the novice representative from New York, actually does have a personal stake in this case. He has been involved with the Bragg case, helping to prepare Mr. Cohen for his testimony. So, he is quite closely aligned with an admitted and convicted liar and perjurer.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on Tuesday that Rep. Goldman, a loyal supporter of Joe Biden, had several preparatory meetings with Cohen before his testimony in the sham Biden/Bragg trial.

In a striking admission on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Rep. Goldman disclosed his extensive prep work with Cohen: “I have deposed Michael Cohen. I have met with him a number of times to prepare him,” he said.

“[Michael Cohen] is an admitted perjurer. He is an admitted liar. He has testified inconsistently on the stand, so he’s either lying one time or the other, and he will be really skewered on cross-examination for,” Goldman added.

Cohen, a convicted perjurer, has been at the center of legal controversies involving Trump, including allegations of hush money payments during the 2016 campaign. Despite recognizing Cohen’s checkered credibility, Goldman has continued his association with him, leading to suspicions that he may be attempting to manipulate Cohen’s narrative against Trump.

Rep. Hageman further highlighted the financial ties between Goldman and the judge’s daughter’s firm, questioning the impartiality required in such sensitive proceedings. “He’s also paid the Judge Merchan’s daughter’s firm over $150,000 for her services. So I think we’ve got quite a conflict of interest from Mr. Dan Goldman,” Hageman said.

Laura Loomer pointed out that “Democrat NY Congressman who helped prepare Michael Cohen for his anti-Trump testimony is a client of Judge Merchan’s daughter’s Democrat political consulting company Authentic Campaigns.”

Spectrum News reported, “Loren Merchan is president of Authentic Campaigns, which has collected at least $70 million in payments from Democratic candidates and causes since she helped found the company in 2018, records show.”

Loomer added, “Rep. Dan Goldman is a client of Loren Merchan’s Democrat consulting firm, Authentic Campaigns. Why is a member of Congress meeting with a felon who committed perjury? This is a MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST, and Judge Merchan needs to immediately RECUSE HIMSELF from overseeing the Trump trial!”

Credit: Authentic Campaign
Credit:Credit: Authentic Campaign

However, Rep. Hageman didn’t stop there. The representative also blasted so-called Rep. Stacey Plaskett, a representative of the U.S. Virgin Islands in Congress, who worked for Epstein’s tax and political fixer.

“And just one other thing to keep in mind when considering the hostility from the folks on the other side of this aisle is that the ranking member of this particular committee was Jeffrey Epstein’s fixer,” Hageman added.


Lee Fang reported:

Democratic Del. Stacey Plaskett, a representative of the U.S. Virgin Islands in Congress, has distanced herself from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, claiming she was completely “unaware” of his donations. However, recent court filings shed light on a much closer relationship between Plaskett and Epstein than previously known.

The unsealed documents outline a decade-long association involving direct solicitations for money, personal meetings, and employment at a law firm deeply connected to Epstein’s shadowy network.

Plaskett not only repeatedly sought financial contributions from Epstein and had multiple face-to-face encounters with him, but she also worked directly for a St. Thomas-based law firm that played a role in cultivating influence for Epstein’s clandestine activities.

In a deposition last month, Plaskett disclosed that she was introduced to Epstein by Erika Kellerhals, an attorney who lobbied on his behalf and represented his business and philanthropic ventures. Kellerhals’s significance goes beyond a casual connection. Before Plaskett’s congressional tenure, she worked at Kellerhals Ferguson Kroblin PLLC, the boutique tax firm in the Virgin Islands from 2013 to 2014, a period in which Epstein was a major client.

Plaskett’s involvement with Epstein may extend further back, as she previously served as counsel on the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority (EDA), which granted Epstein $300 million in allegedly improperly obtained tax exemptions over the course of two decades.

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