Columbia University Commencement Speaker Delivers Anti-Israel Rant (Video)

Saham David Ahmed Ali/ Image: Video screenshot

On Tuesday, Columbia University student Saham David Ahmed Ali delivered the class speaker address at the Mailman School of Public Health’s commencement ceremony.

As she spoke, rather than focusing on the accomplishments of the students sharing an important moment in their lives, Ahmed Ali used it as an opportunity to push her personal agenda and delivered an anti-Israel, anti-Columbia tirade.

While speaking, her mic appeared to glitch multiple times when she mentioned Columbia’s “silence” over the ongoing Gaza war. However, it isn’t clear if the microphone was intentionally cut or was simply malfunctioning.

During the technical issues, the audience can cheer her on and chant, “Let her speak.”

Despite the technical difficulties, Ahmed Ali delivered her roughly 15-minute anti-Columbia and anti-Israel screed without further interruptions, where she falsely accused Israel of false claims of genocide and then bashed Columbia for not doing enough to address the ongoing situation in Gaza.

Ahmed Ali said it felt “dystopian” to walk the halls of the school “scrolling through social media, standing in our classrooms as I witness the genocide of the Palestinian people.”

“The silence on this campus and the pressure to say nothing while administration and professors assert that ‘we’re here for you’ while we’re actively witnessing the most televised genocide of our lives made me lose hope,” she said.

She called for NYPD officers to be removed from campus and for the protestors who were removed from campus to be granted amnesty.

She concluded her speech by listing off the demands from the anti-Israel student group Apartheid Divest, which has been involved in the disruptions on campus over the last several weeks.

Ahmed Ali did not, however, address Hamas’ use of rape as a tool of war, their attack on civilians, their murder of women and children, or the hostages that are still being held.



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