CNN Data Analyst Points Out NYC Trial Not Affecting Public Opinion About Trump: ‘No Change’ (VIDEO)

CNN’s data analyst Harry Enten examined Trump’s approval numbers with regard to the sham NYC trial and found that the Democrat circus is not affecting Trump with the public at all.

Democrats were hoping that the trial would make Trump look toxic to the public. They have failed.

The problem for Democrats and the media is that everyone knows this trial is purely political and all about the 2024 election.

Breitbart News reports:

CNN’s Enten: ‘No Change’ In Public Opinion About Trump During New York Trial, People ‘Don’t Really Care’

CNN poll analyst Harry Enten said Wednesday on “News Central” that polling shows most voters don’t care about the New York business records case against former President Donald Trump.

Enten said, “It feels like only yesterday to me, John, that it began, but apparently, it is 44 days. You crack the numbers, you’ve run the numbers. All right, let’s take a look here…

He added, “Simply put, they have not. Pre-opening statements think Trump did something illegal, 46%. After the direct examination of Michael Cohen by the prosecution, look at where we are now, 46%. The percentage of Americans who think that the charges are very serious, in fact, dropped from 40% to a little bit more than and 35% during the course of this trial. So, yes, perhaps things might have changed with those 12 jurors, but when it comes to the larger American public, there has been no change.”

Watch the clip below:

It could not be more obvious that this trial is just being used to try to damage Trump.

Not only do people not care about this, they see that Democrats care more about this than their real concerns, such as the economy and the border.


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