CNN Analyst Warns Jailing Trump Over Gag Order Would Be a ‘Political Gift’ to His Campaign

CNN legal analyst Michael Moore has warned that putting Donald Trump in prison over failing to abide by the terms of his gag order would be politically beneficial to his campaign.

Judge Juan Merchan, who is known for his close links to the Democratic Party, warned Trump on Monday that if he violates further gag orders, he would consider putting him in prison.

However, Moore warned that doing so would be a “political gift” to Trump but that he may have to do it anyway in order to “maintain the integrity” of the process:

How do I get Trump’s attention? How do I maintain the integrity and the respect of the court? How do I protect this process? How do I protect the trial? And at the same time, do I fall into the trap of giving Trump this big political gift of putting him in jail? Because of the fact is he’d never be in jail in a place where any common person might serve any amount of time.”

I mean, he would be isolated, he would be put in a secure facility. He may never even see another inmate, it’s not like he’s going to have to shower in the shower room or use the toilet room with everybody else. That’s just not the way it would work. And so it would really be a gift, I think, for Trump. And that’s why he’s playing this card because he knows that the likelihood of him being incarcerated is slim to none, but the poor judge is sort of like the boy in the dike, he’s got his finger in the hole trying to stop the flood, but he can only do so much, the hole being Trump’s mouth.


Under the terms of the gag order, Trump is prohibited from making any bpucli remarks concerning witnesses, prosecutors, court personnel, and jurors, along with family members associated with the staff, district attorney, or judge.

Merchan has already Trump in contempt for nine infractions, imposing a $9,000 fine and cautioning that further breaches could result in his imprisonement.

“Trump has not violated the order since then, and so it’s big to talk about going to jail,” Moore added. “It’s another thing to actually have some metal braces slapped on and realize you may be going off somewhere, even if it’s to a place different than some place like Rikers Island now.”

Trump, meanwhile, has indicated he will go to prison if necessary. “Frankly, you know our Constitution is more important than jail. It’s not even close. I’ll do that sacrifice any day,” he said on Monday. “But what’s happening here is a disgrace, and the appellate courts are out to get involved.”

The trial continues.

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