Check Out the $300 Million Superyacht of ‘Climate Change’ Activist Mark Zuckerberg (VIDEO)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is known for being super concerned about climate change, but apparently that has not prevented him from sailing around in a yacht that’s bigger than most people’s houses.

The boat is worth $300 million and is 287 feet long. Do you think it runs on solar panels? Probably not.

This is the kind of boat that you can’t even run without a staff.

The Hindustan Times reports:

Mark Zuckerberg’s $300 Million Superyacht visuals slammed as ‘climate hypocrite’s hideaway’

Mark Zuckerberg’s latest status update screams real-world billionaire choice: a $300 million superyacht. With an estimated net worth of US$180 billion per Forbes, one of the world’s richest men and founder of Meta dropped a whopping sum on a superyacht he calls Launchpad. While the yacht itself looks like something out of a James Bond movie, complete with stunning features and cutting-edge tech, the internet isn’t oohing and aahing. Instead, critics are slamming it as a “Climate Hypocrite’s Hideaway.”…

Mark Zuckerberg’s new yacht has become a social media sensation thanks to a viral TikTok video capturing its stunning visuals. The massive vessel, currently docked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, isn’t shy about its luxury. Spanning 118 meters, the yacht made its debut sail back in March 2024 across the Atlantic and has been turning heads ever since. Designed by the Swedish-based Espen Øin International, the reported $300 Million Superyacht boasts “a sleek, multilayered exterior with a robust steel hull and an aluminium superstructure.” Reports Suerpeyacht Times.

Take a look:

But he’s super worried about climate change, folks.


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