California Bill Seeks to Ban School Employees from Telling Parents if Child Identifies as Transgender

A California bill is seeking to undermine parental rights by banning school employees from telling parents if a child identifies as transgender.

Multiple school boards in the state have passed measures requiring schools to inform parents if their child is having gender identity issues. This bill is a direct response to them.

Fox News reports:

The new bill will be added to Assembly Bill 1955 — introduced by Assemblymember Chris Ward, D-San Diego, earlier this year — through a process called “gut-and-amend.”

Under the amended bill, called the “Support Academic Futures and Educators for Today’s Youth,” or SAFETY ACT, school districts would be banned from, what Ward described as, “forced outing policies.”

“No matter how much Democrats dislike it, the fact is parents have a right to be involved in their kids’ education,” said California Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher in a statement provided to Fox News. “It’s unbelievable that anyone would think that teachers can keep secrets from parents, but it’s flat-out disgusting that Democrats are trying to mandate that schools keep parents in the dark.”

The California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus has argued in favor of the bill, claiming that “affirming school environments significantly reduce the odds of transgender youth attempting suicide.”

“Parental involvement in their children’s lives is desirable and often necessary, however, a student’s gender identity is generally a matter to be discussed between the child and their parents in the time and manner chosen by the family,” the LGBTQ Caucus said in a statement. “No teacher, administrator, or others outside of the family should be forcing families to have conversations.”


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