BREAKING: North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Towards Japan – Residents of Okinawa Told To Hide in Shelters

North Korea has reportedly fired a long range missile in direction of Japan.

The emergency J-alert system has been activated all over the country.

Residents of Japanese prefecture of Okinawa received a warning about a possible missile launch from North Korea and were instructed to take shelter inside buildings or in underground premises.

Japanese Prime-Minister Office confirms that North Korea has apparently launched a possible ballistic missile.

Japan’s NHK News on Twitter/X:

“At around 10:45 pm, a video captured by a camera shooting the skies above North Korea from the Chinese side showed a thin red light rising into the sky, and after a few tens of seconds, the light grew larger.”

Japan’s NERV OSINT system quoting NHK News:

“North Korea’s missile launch appears to have failed, disappears from radar, government official.”




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