Bitter Co-Host of ‘The View’ Ana Navarro Insults Latino Trump Supporters: ‘Very Stupid Attitude’ (VIDEO)

Ana Navarro of ‘The View’ insulted Latino Trump supporters during a recent appearance on CNN with the equally moronic Jim Acosta.

After Acosta notes that Trump is doing well in polls with Latino voters, he asks Navarro to explain it and she then accuses these voters of trying to appear more American by supporting Trump and says they have a ‘very stupid attitude.’

This is what Trump Derangement Syndrome does to a person. In her mind, she is just smarter than people who support Trump. She cannot possibly be wrong, so it must be everyone else who has a problem.

The New York Post reported:

‘The View’ host Ana Navarro slams Latino Trump supporters’ ‘very stupid attitude’

Ana Navarro was roasted as “truly ignorant” and “out of touch” after she lambasted Latino Trump supporters for what she deemed their “very stupid attitude” toward immigration.

“There are some Latino immigrants who forget they came here as immigrants and who want to shut the door behind them, and who think being anti-immigrant somehow is going to make them pass as more American, pass as whatever,” Navarro, a former GOP-er and a star of “The View,” said Friday evening during a spot on CNN. “And that’s a very stupid attitude to have.”

Navarro was lambasted for her take.

“The belittling attacks from individuals such as Ana Navarro … exemplify precisely why Hispanics are flocking to the Republican Party. Democrats attempt to sow division, but we see through their ignorance,” former Texas GOP Rep. Mayra Flores told The Post. “She fails to comprehend the struggle, as she does not live paycheck to paycheck. Hispanics seek prosperity and the means to provide for their families. The Biden administration is costing us an average of $1,000 a month. While she can afford the policies of the Biden administration, we cannot.”

Here’s the video:

Navarro has no argument so she is just insulting people. It’s pathetic.

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