Biden’s Handler Seems to Remember Something Important Halfway to Marine One, Cameras Catch the Subtle Change

After numerous different walks to Marine One ended with President Joe Biden blundering through questions, the White House is taking extra steps to ensure it won’t happen again.

Aides now assist the president whenever he walks to his helicopter as a way to shield him from the onslaught of hungry reporters.

It makes sense when the head of state randomly snaps back at journalists trying to do their jobs — not a good look.

Additionally, measures have to be taken to cover his frail state as he’s fallen numerous times, especially while attempting to board Air Force One and other aircraft.

But with new changes, there are always speed bumps.

In a recent, awkward walk to Marine One, a Biden aide initially began the walk on the president’s left, giving reporters direct access to the president.

It appeared about halfway through the walk that she realized her mistake, shifting to the right side and ensuring journalists wouldn’t be able to throw questions at Biden without going through her.

While it’s subtle, it’s obviously intentional.

There’s no other reason for the aide to shift from left to right besides attempting to shield the commander-in-chief from getting into verbal tussles with journalists.

It’s quite sad that the president of the United States has to be escorted by an aide, not for security, but because he can’t manage on his own.

I’d be utterly devastated if I dedicated my career to working my way up in the political world to end up the babysitter for a senile president whose biggest enemy is stairs.

For God’s sake, if he can’t even get to a helicopter without being escorted, imagine what goes on behind closed doors.

What are the chances he’s even in charge of his own administration?

President Biden is not the strong figure we need in the Oval Office: He’s a weak old man who can’t even stand at the head of his family proudly.

We don’t need a man with one foot in the grave who has to be led around like a toddler for four more years.

Vote him out.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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