BIDEN UNITES AMERICA: Pro-Hamas Agitators and Trump Supporters Erupt in Loud Chants of “F**k Joe Biden!” During Protest at the University of Alabama (VIDEO)

Credit: @MavenNavarro1

In a time of extreme division and violence in America, it turns out there is still one man who can unite us all: Joe Biden.

On Wednesday afternoon, pro-Hamas agitators held a protest on the campus of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and were countered by numerous pro-Trump counter-protesters objecting to their despicable views.

Things got a bit testy at first when the pro-Hamas clowns started chanting “Free Palestine!” while the Trump supporters countered by singing the National Anthem.

But they soon found common ground. A stunning and heart-warming moment arose as both groups of protesters suddenly erupted in loud “F**k Joe Biden!” chants.


According to the Crimson White’s Maven Navarro, the protesters were demanding the University cut ties with weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin and for an immediate ceasefire (Israeli surrender) in Gaza.

But unlike many universities across America, Alabama officials took common-sense action to ensure no violence occurred and threatened strict consequences for those who broke the rules. Below are the protest rules handed out by the University:

Credit: @MavenNavarro1

Officials also ensured protesters were kept in restricted areas with a police presence to keep the peace.

As a result, the protest only lasted about two hours and ended with no violence.


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