Biden Panders to Blacks in Philly Jazz Club: “We’re Rebuilding a $60 ZILLION Bridge in Baltmur!” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden continued to pander to blacks at a restaurant and jazz club in Philly after speaking gibberish to a few rows of people crammed into the corner of a school gym.

Joe Biden is getting desperate so his team announced “Black Voters for Biden Harris” on Wednesday.

After slurring through remarks to a few dozen people at Girard College, Biden headed over to SOUTH restaurant and jazz club.

Biden speaks to nearly empty gym

Joe Biden lied to the blacks in the jazz club about his involvement in the civil rights movement as a kid.

“In 1969, I got involved deeply in the civil rights movement,” Biden told the blacks at the jazz club.

This is one of Joe Biden’s favorite lies (he has many). Biden was never involved in the civil rights movement as a kid and he was forced to admit he lied about it back in 1987.


Biden used a bizarre accent as he pandered to black voters.

“We’re rebuilding a $60 ZILLION bridge in Baltmur!” Biden said.

Imagine the headlines if Trump said this.


Biden’s handlers cranked up the music to drown out reporters.


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