The Battle for Chasov Yar – From Mercenaries to Conscripts, the Ukrainian Defense Is Under Pressure (VIDEOS)

Against the background of the continuing rapid advances of Russian Federation troops all along the frontline, we’ve come to understand that the battles for cities, while relevant, are just a means to an end.

The endgame is the Russian war of attrition against Ukrainian troops and equipment – which would have concluded pretty fast if it was not for the massive Western aid consisting of funds, equipment, and training.

The way the Russians have begun to go about it lately is a strategy of ‘death by a thousand cuts’, in which they nibble about seeking weaknesses, exploit many of those these weak spots, making Ukraine scramble reinforcements to and fro, effectively outmaneuvering the exhausted defenders, trying to get them to the breaking point.

Having said that, every city siege has its own symbolic importance, and in the case of the Donetsk region key stronghold of Chasov Yar, it is expected that its conquest will allow Russian troops to immediately roll back defenders across significant amount of territory, as it was the case right after they took Avdeevka.

WATCH: Chasov Yar.

This battle is happening in the larger context of the ‘Yug Group of Forces’ clashing against de Ukrainian 79th Air Assault, 28th and 41st mechanized brigades in the Donestsk areas of Elizavetovka, Konstantinovka, and Chasov Yar.

Five days ago the Russian paratroopers managed a breakthrough up to the Seversky Donets-Donbass canal, a body of water that defenders are fortifying behind.

Ukrainians reportedly deployed significant mechanized forces – to the tune of several dozen armored vehicles and tanks – along the canal.

So the besiegers have started to systematically target those defenders with air strikes, drones and artillery.

WATCH: Russian Aerospace Forces operating in the Chasov Yar area

WATCH: Tank assault on Chasov Yar defenses, and Heavy Flamethrower artillery strikes on the same positions.

WATCH: Russians capture a Ukrainian firing point.

Russian troops also advanced along the forest belt and occupied the northern part of the Stupki-Golubovskie-2 nature reserve.

Russian Battleground Source:

“Everything suggests that the AFU command is very hopeful that we don’t have enough reserves and is essentially playing all-in. It’s either do or die. Either they hold the main contour of the city defense, knocking us back behind the line of the canal and out of the Canal microdistrict, or we, having broken through to the Novy microdistrict, occupy this very contour and enter the city center with great chances for its rapid further liberation.”

The New York Times writes about how the Ukrainian Armed Forces have no equipment to hold Chasov Yar but drones.

Ukrainian soldiers are increasingly resorting to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

“Lack of troops and artillery, Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers are increasingly relying on drones to drop explosives and supplies to hold Chasov Yar.”

The effectiveness of this tactic may be somewhat thwarted by superior Russian Electronic Warfare (EW) capabilities.

Participating in the Chasov Yar defense is reportedly the Omega special unit, a part of the Foreign Legion within the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine.

The unit’s symbol is the Greek letter Omega.

Russian sources say it is just a front for the work of mercenaries, including from the French and Spanish legions.

British paper ‘The Times’ reports on a Ukrainian Armed Forces brigade that is fighting near Chasov Yar and has lost 40% of its fighters in two years.

The unit was decimated by losses, as well as illnesses and desertion. 90% of the brigade is made up by forcibly mobilized citizens of Ukraine.

WATCH: Defense of Chasov Yar under pressure.

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