BANANA REPUBLIC: Jury in Merchan’s Kangaroo Court Found Trump Guilty of 34 Felonies – But DID NOT SPECIFY What Crime Trump Committed – NO ONE KNOWS! (VIDEO)

President Trump was found guilty of 34 felonies but no one knows what crime he committed… It wasn’t disclosed!

The jury in corrupt Judge Juan Merchan’s kangaroo court found President Trump guilty of 34 felonies on Thursday afternoon. Each felony conviction could land President Trump in prison for four years.

Judge Merchan told jurors they did not have to agree on a crime. This is unheard of in US history. The jury only had to agree something bad happened. This, of course, is completely unconstitutional.

This was clearly the greatest travesty of justice in American history.

So now we have a convicted US President with 34 felony counts and NO ONE knows what crime President Trump committed!

The jury never explained what crime Trump committed and was not required to explain what crime Trump committed.

Jonathan Turley spoke about this on Thursday following the verdicts.

Jonathan Turley: The instructions had that feel, I called it in a column yesterday of a canned hunt, where you actually shoot game in a cage. But in defense of some of those jurors, they may have not seen any alternative but conviction.

Keep in mind, this judge allowed the government to repeatedly tell them that it was a fact that an election violation occurred and that Trump had ordered it. Judge Mershan stayed absolutely silent during that statement. Over and over again, even though it violated his instruction.

To this day, we won’t know what the jury really decided on the conspiracy. I was in that courtroom listening to 34 guilty verdicts, but they didn’t say what the jury thought had happened. They were unanimous only that some crime, some secondary crime occurred.

Judge Mershan did not require them to reach unanimity on what that crime was. So, it’s going to go on appeal, and the appellate court won’t know any more than we have in terms of knowledge as to was this an election violation, another falsification of documents, a tax violation? That’s just simply not in the record.

Jonathan Turley is right. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” was replaced with “If the ground is wet, you can infer it rained.” This is now precedent in our American legal system.

The country may never recover from these lawfare travesties by the Marxists in power and the federal agencies that support them.

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