Arizona Police Rescue Six-Month-Old Baby Who Was Shot Multiple Times While Held Hostage by Father

Arizona police officers rescued a six-month-old baby who was shot multiple times while being held hostage by the father.

The father had initially taken the baby and its mother hostage around 3 a.m., but she managed to flee and find a group of construction workers who called the police for her.

The Surprise Police Department said in a statement posted to social media, “Officers learned a female victim had been held hostage inside her residence by the father of her child since 3 a.m. that morning. After breaking into the home, the suspect would not let the victim and their infant child leave, causing the victim to fear for her and the child’s safety. The victim was eventually able to get away from the suspect, and sought help from a nearby construction crew who called police. Officers learned the infant was still inside the home with the suspect.”

“When officers arrived at the residence, they heard multiple rounds of gunfire from inside,” the statement continued. “A Surprise Police officer fired one round in response toward the residence where the suspect was located, and officers quickly worked to force entry and rescue the infant who sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Officers and tactical medics immediately rendered aid to the victims.”

The infant was airlifted to a nearby hospital in serious condition, but it is believed that the injuries are non-life threatening.

The police department said that shortly after 3 p.m., a fire started in the residence while the suspect was inside.

“Fire crews could not tend to the fire due to the possible threat and sounds of gunfire coming from inside the house. The condition of the suspect will be unknown until it is safe for investigators to enter the residence.”

It is unclear how the fire was started.


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