Andrew Breitbart Told Us Over a Decade Ago: Leftist Organizations Morph into New Groups with the Same Purposes, “To Put Conservatives and People in Flyover Country On the Defensive” (Video)

SDS, ANSWER, MoveOn, Code Pink, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, anti-Israel encampments….the names may change over the years, but the puppet masters, funders, tactics, and goals remain the same.

The great Andrew Breitbart told a CPAC crowd in 2012 how these organizations morph over the years.

“The community organizing that crafted the anti-war movement for the purpose, the sole purpose, of getting Barrack Obama and progressives elected, which disappeared and did not hold the anti-war president to task for maintaining ‘George Bush’s wars’ is the exact same organism that created the Occupy movement in order to defend this president and to get progressive officials elected.”

“It is not the story you will see on ABC, CBS and NBC…they try to act as if this is organic. It’s organic the way the anti-war movement was….the exact same people, many of whom want to overthrow this government.”


He also detailed a telling conversation with Bernadine Dohrn at a dinner she hosted with her equally radical husband, former unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist leader Bill Ayers, where she confirmed the left’s tactics.

Breitbart asked Dohrn, “If you care so much about protesting the war, why don’t you protest the war when Barrack Obama is president? Whatever happened to the anti-war president?”

“And this has always been my thesis on Occupy…Bernadine Dohrn said, ‘Well, the anti-war movement is more or less the Occupy movement.'”

“And that is the untold story of Occupy…it is the organized left of which Bernadine and Bill are a central component and community organizers, and they transformed for cynical political purposes, the anti-war into the Occupy movement with the same purposes….to put conservatives and people in flyover country, and the good and decent in this country on the defensive.”

“And it works with the aiding and abetting of the American mainstream media.”


The only thing that has changed since Breitbart’s prophetic words is the name the professional America-hating bagmen for Democrats call themselves.


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