American Rap Star Nicki Minaj ‘Arrested’ in Amsterdam for Carrying Drugs (VIDEO)

Credit: Collin Rugg

Authorities in Amsterdam arrested rap star Nicki Minaj Saturday for carrying drugs despite her insisting otherwise.

USA Today reported that the Trinidadian-born rapper was on her Pink Friday 2 World Tour and on her way to Manchester, England when the incident took place.

Minaj live-streamed the entire incident on her Instagram Live page. It shows the rap star arguing with an Amsterdam police officer, who says that she is “under arrest” because she’s carrying drugs.

“You are under arrest under the deputy prosecutor. We will bring you to the police station…because you are carrying drugs,” the officer says.

Minaj disputes the officer’s statement and says she will not enter the vehicle.

“I’m not going in there, not without my lawyer present,” Minaj retorts. The officer responds, “We’ll get you to the next show.”

A piqued Minaj then fires back, “You’re talking about my show? What about it?”


As USA Today reported, Minaj whined earlier Saturday that Amsterdam Airport officials were trying to sabotage her tour.

The rapper also went on an X rant regarding the incident. She started by claiming she was only carrying marijuana.

Minaj went on to complain that her plane was being held up by at least two hours, possibly even longer.

Her final update as of this writing revealed the police were asking her to make a statement at a police precinct.


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