Alvin Bragg Loses CNN: Former Federal Prosecutor Blasts Trump Show Trial over Cohen’s Lies that “Cut at the Heart of the Evidence” (VIDEO)

Alvin Bragg loses CNN following devastating day for the prosecution in Trump’s latest ‘hush monsy’ show trial.

Monday was a rought day for Alvin Bragg, Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, Judge Juan Merchan, and their lackeys in the utterly corrupt legacy media.

The latest lawfare trial against President Trump by the thugs in New York City quickly morphed into a dumpster fire that was so humiliating for the Trump-hating demons that Judge Merchan started screaming in court and called for a break and then went and hid in the back room.

The Gateway Pundit contributor Paul Ingrassia was live-tweeting from the show trial as the prosecution’s case melted away.

Paul Ingrassia:  Maybe the most explosive exchange of the day. Bragg’s case unfolded before everyone’s eyes. Laurence O’Donnell ran out of the courtroom in a mad-dash. NY Times reporters, visibly jaded, were holding back tears.

Judge Merchan threw a temper tantrum on the bench. One can easily picture, after today, Letitia James picking up the phone and screaming at Bragg at the top of her lungs based on how damning the developments out of the courtroom were today: “HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY LET THIS HAPPEN?”

The disaster was led by none other than Michael Cohen, the People’s “star witness,” admitting to having stolen $60,000 from the Trump Organization, lying to Congress while under Oath, profiting off the Trump Show Trial, and totally fabricating his claims that Trump knew about the hush money payments, which was debunked by respected attorney Robert Costello in his blistering testimony.

After today, this case should be dismissed! President Trump and his legal team should feel triumphant. No sane jury would ever in a million years rule in Bragg’s favor.

It was such a bad day for Alvin Bragg that the New York demons even lost CNN.

Former federal prosecutor Alyse Adamson was baffled by the prosecution’s incompetence.

Alyse Adamson: I am, quite frankly, shocked by what I have just heard. I can tell you, having worked at DOJ for seven and a half years, you go through training your first week on the job. And day two, it’s how to handle witnesses and fronting bad facts. And I was listening when we read back the transcript on how the prosecution handled these payments, and it’s like they glossed over the fact that this could be considered stealing. And, in my mind, I can’t figure out why they did that because they were so meticulous in explaining all of Michael Cohen’s other lies in contextualizing this. This is a lie that cuts at the heart of the evidence.

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