Renowned Attorney John Eastman Delivers Blistering Speech on Illegitimate 2020 President Election – John Describes Complete Breakdown of the Election Process Like No Other (FULL VIDEO)

Renowned Constitutional Attorney John Eastmen spoke in Lansing, Michigan on Friday May 10, 2024.

Brilliant scholar and former Trump attorney John Eastman, traveled to Michigan on Friday night.

Attorney Eastman delivered a powerful speech on lawfare and how it’s being used against President Trump and his supporters. Mr. Eastman addressed a large crowd in Lansing, Michigan, at an event that was hosted by Michigan’s top election integrity group, MI Fair Elections, which was created by the incredible author and patriot extraordinaire Patrice Johnson.

John Eastman described the election fraud in 2020 in great detail during his speech.

The Biden regime and deep state players DO NOT want you to know this.


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Attorney John Eastman: Thank you all so much. I start this story when I get a call from the White House switchboard. I thought they were joking. I thought it was a buddy of mine saying, the White of the President is on the line. Can you take a call? I said, Steve, what are you doing? I did a hop-up on the phone. And the President said, “I’d like you to represent me. We’re trying to get an action before the Supreme Court of the United States.”

That normally is something that would be considered the catch stone of one’s career. My daughter thought so. She took the brief we filed in the Supreme Court, my motion to intervene on behalf of the President in the Texas versus Pennsylvania case. She had it framed and gave it to me for Christmas that year. It still adorns my office at home.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, as the old guy says, because apparently, in 21st-century America, you’re not supposed to challenge the status quo. You’re not supposed to challenge what government tells you. No matter how blatantly false it manifestly is. When they said masks should be worn or masks shouldn’t be worn, we’re supposed to act like they didn’t change their mind. And then it was equally the same when they said it’s okay to have 50-year-old men showing up naked in your daughter’s showers. We’re supposed to just say, Well, this is the government, they said this is okay. Or competing against your daughters in the swim meet. What’s she going to do when she grows up and wants to get a scholarship swimming or running track and she’s competing against the man? It’s not fair. It’s not American, and we need to stand up against it.

Bill Barr

And the same thing is true with elections. Bill Barr said that there was no evidence of fraud. He looked. Except when we filed a Public Records Act request asking what he looked at and getting access to the investigatory materials that he based that statement on, now the investigative materials are exempt from the FOIA Freedom of Information Act. And what you get back, normally, it says, yes, we have such materials, but it’s exempt under whatever subsection of the statute it’s exempt under. That was not the message that came back. There was a fellow that filed FOIA requests in every swing state US attorney’s office – asking for all the investigative materials that supported Bill Barr’s statement. And the answer didn’t come back. We have these materials, and they’re exempt. The message, the letter came back and it said, There are no such materials. In other words, what Bill Barr said was a lie.

As we know from US Attorney in Pennsylvania, Bill McSwain. Barr was separately telling him, calling in, saying, stand down, hand the materials over to the attorney general of Pennsylvania. Think about that. The Democrats in Philadelphia are stealing an election. You’re going to hand it over to the Democrat attorney general to conduct the investigation. In other words, the investigation is occurred.

The head of CISA said it was the most secure election in history. I mean, you can’t even say that with a straight face. I tried to sell that storyline to Hollywood. They turned it out as too implausible. No, I’m kidding. An article that just recently published based on a speech I gave at the Gatestone Institute in New York some months back called, in quotes, ‘The Most Secure Election in History.’…

…My job was to focus on the illegality, and I want to lay out the basic constitutional premise here. Article 2 of the Constitution is so clearly written that even lawyers should be able to understand it. It says that the states shall choose the presidential electors in the manner chosen by, directed by the legislature of the state. The legislatures decide how presidential electors are going to be chosen. In the first half century of our nation’s history, most of the state legislatures just chose the presidential electors themselves. You can imagine what those campaigns for state legislative office were like. It took a whole new meaning every four years because whoever got in office would be the ones choosing the presidential elector from that state. Since the Civil War, all the states, Colorado, when it first in, chose its own electors by the legislature. But since the Civil War, all the states have chosen electors in the manner by having a popular vote.

And what that means is the election code, how you conduct that election, becomes the manner for choosing presidential electors. And under that constitutional assignment of authority, plenary power, the Supreme Court had said to the state legislators, only the legislature can alter that manner. Only the legislature can decide whether we’re going to get rid of signature verification or water it down. Only the legislature can decide whether we can have drop boxes or human drop boxes. Only the legislature can decide, we’re not going to have bipartisan teams going into the nursing homes as Wisconsin required. Only the legislature can decide, we’re not going to bother making sure we have bipartisan teams at every county table in TCF Center. The decisions to alter those state election laws by county clerks, by secretaries of state, even in some instances by state courts, Court judges, were not only an illegal thing under state election law, because we’re dealing with the federal election whose power to design that system comes from the federal constitution. Those actions were unconstitutional. That alone made the election invalid. I don’t have to prove fraud politically, you want to say, and it affected more votes in the outcome because you don’t want to rest on a technicality there.


In Wisconsin, the Secretary of State there prohibited the mandatory bipartisan teams from going into nursing homes. Why do we have bipartisan teams as part of the law in Wisconsin? Because people in nursing homes tend to be Particularly susceptible to undue influence. And we don’t want that undue influence affecting their right to vote. So you have bipartisan teams going to make sure that doesn’t happen. She prohibited it, claimed it was because of COVID. The fish tank cleaners, I’m told, were still allowed to go in, but not the bipartisan teams to secure honesty in the vote from those nursing homes. That opened the door for fraud. It was one of the main checks against fraud that the legislature had were directed, and it was ignored by the Secretary of State without any constitutional authority. How do we know people walked through that door with fraud? Well, turnout rates in the nursing homes in Wisconsin went from a historical average of 20 to 30 % to nearly 100%, including in memory care wings of the nursing house.

And many of the ballots were in the same handwriting. There’s no evidence of fraud. How many have heard that on that. That alone affected more ballots than the margin of victory in Wisconsin, which was just over 20,000. Another thing which the courts have subsequently held was illegal in Wisconsin was drop boxes. There’s no That’s where authority for drop boxes. And in Wisconsin, they not only put drop boxes in haemily democratic areas, they put human drop boxes. That was a clever way of… They ran an operation called Democracy in the Park, which was a battle harvesting operation for college It’s in Madison, Wisconsin, where University of Wisconsin is. And that one operation over two Saturdays leading up to the election, they collected illegally 17,500 votes. The margin was 20,600 and something. That’s just that one operation. These things have subsequently been held to be illegal. And yet people continue to insist that I am… What’s the phrase they use in the California Bar proceeding? I’m exhibiting moral turpitude because I continue that there was illegality in the conduct of the election. Georgia, they ran what I call portafolio precincts all over town in Atlanta. They created portable precincts.

Georgia Signature Evaluation was not performed

Now, that violated several laws in Georgia. The precincts have to be fixed, and you have to notify people ahead of time where they’re going to be. I don’t think they ever provided notice of what the route of the portable precinct was going to be. It makes it very difficult to have the observers violated the law. The Secretary of State there in an individual consent decree, months before the election, they completely obliterated, watered down the signature verification process. So much so that in Fulton County, they didn’t even bother to try even the watered down signature verification process. They admitted that in one of the cases down there. That was all illegal, and it affected many more folks in the 11,779 vote market in Georgia.


In Pennsylvania, to this day, there are 120,000 more ballots cast than voters. Think about that for a minute. It lends credence to the story that supposedly was debunked about the truck driver who said, I trucked in 200,000 ballots from Long Island to Philadelphia, and I don’t know what happened to that. 120,000 more ballots than people voted. In my bar trial, the Deputy Secretary of State testified, Well, you don’t know what you’re talking about because those numbers are based on the current data in the voter rolls, and that number constantly changes as people die or move out of state. Heather Honey, who heads the voter integrity operation in Pennsylvania, told me how many people from election day to February, when Philadelphia and Pittsburgh had finally finished up voting their numbers so we could compare apples and apples. She said there were only 16,000 people that had been dropped from the rolls over those four months. So he lied when he said that that was the explanation for the 120,000 disparity. I said, If we’d been allowed to call Heather as a rebuttal witness, she would have said, Well, it’s 16,000. That means 120 minus 16. High calculated math. Okay, still 104,000 more ballots than votes. That’s a problem in a state where the margin was 80,000.


n Atlanta, you had ballots coming in from 490 different precincts all over the county. And every precinct has a different ballot because every precinct has different school boards, has different city council races. And so the ballots has to have a key code to tell the counting machine what key to look to to decide how to count those levels on your ballot. And what they discovered in this forensic audit, you run 490 different precincts in random to create a batch to scan of 100. We’ve got any mathematicians there? That means 100 to the 490th power is the odds that that same sequence would be replicated. In other words, zero possibility of a replication of the exact sequence of that 100. They found in that one week on that one machine, over 5,000 ballots that were in the same identical sequence. In other words, the ballots are being scanned multiple times and counted multiple times, or they’re being scanned once and replicated and counted multiple times. And just yesterday in the Georgia Board of Elections hearing, they identified this problem as well as several others, like 600,000-some ballots that there’s no valid image for.


In Mesa County, Colorado, again, somebody made a… She’s about to suffer a felony trial for doing this, but they were going to update the software and the machine machines in her county, all over the state, her order of the Secretary of State. She said, That’s illegal because that update is going to destroy election data. And under federal law, we have to keep all election data for 22 months. And I’m the one who’s on the hook if that data isn’t preserved because I’m the county clerk, the chief elections officer in my county. If that data is not preserved, I could go to jail. So she makes a mirror image copy of the machine data before they do the update, which destroys the data. Now she’s got this thing, and she gives it to the forensic scientist to have a look. They discovered that packets of vote data were deleted and the new ones uploaded in their place. But Mr. Krebs says this is the most secure election in history.


Here in Michigan, of course, you started all this stuff with the Antrim County. That would be a great job. I think it was very clever. Let’s look at the school board race or whatever it was, because nobody will pay attention. There Everybody’s focused on the presidential race. We get a judge and say, Yeah, you can look in the machines. – And maybe there’s an explanation on the update and so I think Mr. Alderman, they back out and reverse engineered what happened, and that seems to make a lot of sense. But both of them identified in the course of their review, unbelievable security breaches. They’re still using the same password for admins that is the way everybody accesses it. It’s been in place since 2008. It hasn’t changed. With that password, you can get into the system.

Alderman has been going around the world for a decade decade or more, raising these questions until the people that were concerned about it were on the other side of the political aisle – now he thinks it’s all perfect. He was the guy who testified down in Georgia in a current litigation. They were going to throw out the use of the machines down there. But then they kept his report under seal for a long time and came out, and it showed security breaches. They found a Wi-Fi chip on the motherboard of the machine in Antrum County. I think I recall seeing a news account that your attorney general was going to prosecute Deperno and his team for planting evidence. Except he had already obtained in discovery a copy of the invoice that had a line item for the Wi-Fi chip.

They’re going after the truth-sayers

These are the things we know. It means that the illegality, the ignoring of state statutes that were designed to make it difficult to do do those things and open the door for fraud. And people with a lot at stake walk through that door. Now, let me talk about what’s happened for anybody that dare stand up to this. What is it? What is it? It’s often attributed to George Orwell. I don’t know if he ever actually said it, but it certainly fits with the things he would have said. In an era of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. I like to make a different comparison. The English used to have a law on sedentary libel. It’s one of the reasons we fought a revolutionary war. If you criticized the government, you could be prosecuted for sedentary libel. If what you said was true, that didn’t matter. Truth was not a defense because the greater the truth, the greater the libel. In other words, if what you were saying and criticizing the government was true, it brought them into greater disrepute, and we needed to prosecute you more.

That, ladies and gentlemen, I fear, is the step we’ve taken in this country. People that are simply shining a light on what went on and telling the truth about it are essentially being accused of sedentary libel. I’m an indicted co-conspirator number 2 in DC. I’m indicted, co-conspirator number 3 in Georgia. And last week, I get indicted in Arizona. I had zero communications with the electors in Arizona. I had zero involvement with the election challenges in Arizona.

Don’t Say a Word – It Will Be Used Against You?

When the indictments started coming down, my lawyer who was the first lawyer, the criminal defense lawyer, I had to hire to deal with the completely bipartisan, neutral January sixth committee. (high sarcasm) That’s what Criminal defense lawyers always tell their clients, right out of the box, Don’t say a word.

Don’t say a word. It’ll be used against you. I understand that’s the right advice in almost all circumstances. But I also understood before he did that that these are not normal circumstances, that the battles I’m dealing with have precious little to do with the actual war. These are political battles. For me not to be out speaking means I am ceding the turf on the only battlefield that matters, which is the court of public opinion. And it took him a couple of months to come around to that view, but he agreed, and now I do interviews all the time now, even with hostile press, even with 60 Minutes, all sorts of things. Because the American people need to have a light shine on what went on. Because if they don’t, it’ll go on again and and elections will cease to matter in this country. As Patrisse pointed out, the reason that is so important comes straight from our Declaration of Independence. All men, all human beings are created equal. That’s the fundamental self-evident truth set out in that document. The corollary truths mean that means nobody gets to rule others without their consent. The only legitimate form of government is one based on consent.

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This was an absolutely amazing speech by John Eastman.

The renowned attorney then took several questions from the crowd, including one from The Gateway Pundit’s Patty McMurray.

Patty McMurray led efforts in Michigan on several election integrity projects over the past three years, including:

  • Documenting and recording election workers describing the lawlessness at the TCF Center on November 3-4, 2020.
  • Exposing the late-night ballot deliveries after 3:00 AM in Detroit to flip the vote to Joe Biden. They are still unexplained.
  • Exposing the Detroit ballot box footage of dozens of individuals dropping handfuls of ballots into the drop boxes.
  • Exposing Detroit postal workers making numerous ballot deposits at the drop boxes.
  • Exposing the GBI Strategies ballot registration scandal involving THOUSANDS of illegal ballot registrations. The FBI and Michigan Democrats buried this scandal to this day!

Watch the entire video below.

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