‘You Have To Be in The Room’: RNC Chair Pledges to Have ‘Thousands’ of Attorneys Watching When 2024 Ballots Are Counted

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Michael Whatley

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Michael Whatley has pledged to ensure that the 2024 presidential election is not tainted by the widespread voter fraud that occurred back in 2020.

In an interview with radio talk show host John Catsimatidis on WABC 770 AM’s “Cats Roundtable,” Whatley promised to have “thousands” of attorneys ready to respond when Democrats try their usual shenanigans.

“We want to make sure that every state has good rules of the road, right,” Whatley said. “So we’re working with the legislatures, we’re working with the boards of elections, the secretaries of states to make sure that the laws, the rules, the regulations that cover elections are where we need them to be.”

Whatley, who recently took over from the ousted Ronna Romney McDaniel, added that the RNC will make sure their lawyers and observers are physically “in the room”

“You have to be in the room,” Whatley said. “You got to have observers and attorneys in the room when the votes are being cast and when the votes are being counted. So we’re in the process of recruiting tens of thousands of volunteers, thousands of attorneys all across the country so that when we get into the election season, we’re going to be in the room.”

However, Whatley has previously argued in favor of Republicans learning to embrace early voting, despite the obvious risks associated with it.

“Look, in every state there are various different rules, but writ large people can vote by mail, they can vote early in person or they can vote on Election Day,” Whatley said in an interview with Fox News last month. “We want to make sure that people have a plan on how they are going to go out and vote.”

“Over 50 percent of American voters will vote before Election Day,” he continued. “We need to make sure that we are communicating with them, that we are talking to them before they go vote.”

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