Wild Video Shows University of Kentucky Student Getting Blown Away By Strong Wind

A viral video making its rounds on social media shows a University of Kentucky student getting blown away by a powerful gust of wind.

The video shows a student walking to classes when they are suddenly blown backwards and go airborne by a strong wind

On Tuesday, most of Kentucky was under a tornado warning as the state has suffered major storms across the state which includes the Lexington area.


Per Newsweek:

University of Kentucky student was knocked down while walking to class during a tornado warning on Tuesday.

Most of Kentucky was under a tornado watch Tuesday as severe storms struck the region, including in the Louisville area. According to National Weather Service messaging, severe thunderstorms still posed a risk across the region in the afternoon, with the threat of wind gusts reaching 40 miles per hour and penny-sized hail. The NWS office in Louisville oversees the Lexington area, where the university is located.

The video that documented the painful fall shows the student battling severe winds before being blown backward and temporarily going airborne before crashing to the ground. The video was shared by the social media account RawsAlerts.

Governor Andy Beshear has since declared a state of emergency as sever storms has left many residents of Kentucky without power.

In a statement Beshear told Kentuckians “We need all Kentuckians to stay weather aware as we brace for more severe weather throughout the afternoon and evening.”

Here’s some of the damage the storm has already caused:


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