WAYNE ROOT: How Biden & Democrats Not Only Killed a Hero Firefighter with Their Deadly Policies…They Killed Him TWICE.

By Wayne Allyn Root

It’s truly amazing how the evil, biased, wickedly Marxist, mainstream media covers up for Biden’s crimes.

Before I get to the tragic story of a young NYC firefighter…let’s go through some other horrible tragic results of Biden’s policies that the media has blacked out and covered up.

Can you believe President Trump attended the wake of a hero police officer in New York City and met with his grieving widow…and on the exact same day Biden was in New York to attend a glamorous fundraiser…and never bothered to contact the widow, or attend the wake…and never even found the time to send his condolences?

But after saying nothing about a hero cop being murdered, leaving behind a grieving widow and baby boy…Biden did manage days later to issue a statement of condolences to the family of murderer O.J. Simpson.

The media said nothing about Biden’s reckless disregard for a dead hero.

Can you imagine if the roles were reversed? What if President Trump attended a $25 million political fundraiser in NYC and ignored the death of a national hero? What would the media say? It would have been a national media firestorm. The media would have said “Trump values money over human lives. Trump has abdicated the role of national leader.”

How is it possible this wasn’t a national scandal of epic proportions for Joe Biden?

Or take the national outrage only days ago about Republican Governor Kristi Noem’s new book. She brags openly in her book about killing a young dog 20 years ago, because the puppy was wild, untrainable, and killing chickens.

Now let me say, I was angry and outraged too. I’ve been a dog lover for my entire life. Dogs are man’s best friends. Like millions of Americans, my dogs are treated like family. This was a terrible thing for Governor Noem to admit in a nation where 2/3rds of all households own a dog.

Yet what she admitted to doing to one dog 20 years ago is NOTHING compared to what Joe Biden did to dogs more recently.

I’ll bet 90% of Americans don’t know what Joe did. He left our hero military dogs to die an agonizing death on the tarmac in Afghanistan during our military retreat. Over 200 of them. Beautiful, precious, hero German Shepherds- who guarded our military heroes and saved countless lives. Man’s best friends.

They were abandoned on the airport tarmac in cages in 110 degree heat. Biden would not allow the dogs on the cargo planes rushing to leave Afghanistan.

Did you know this?

Can you imagine how agonizing their deaths were? They all either died from heat, no water, starvation, or shot dead by the radical Islamic terrorist Taliban (who hate dogs).

If dog lovers hate Kristi Noem, what about Biden? Why didn’t PETA or the ASPCA call Biden a mass dog killer? If Trump did it, they would have.

If you love dogs, Biden is the most evil, callous politician in US history.

And yet, no one in the media said a thing. A complete blackout. A coverup like Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Now we come to the most recent story of what Biden’s policies do to Americans.

In New York City, Derek Floyd- a 36 year old hero Marine veteran and firefighter- died of cardiac arrest just months after being terminated from the FDNY, because they needed to cut spending to pay for illegal aliens.

This is a national disgrace. It should be the biggest media firestorm in America. We just left a hero behind. This man served 3 tours as a Marine in the Middle East. Then he came home and became a firefighter. He was an American hero.

Democrats like Joe Biden (and his boss Obama), Kamala Harris (the border czar who has never been to the border), DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams all conspired to abandon this hero. These open borders Democrats value and prioritize illegal alien foreign invaders over the lives and well-being of American citizens.

This is TREASON to the highest degree.

This Marine and firefighter surely died of a broken heart. He died because he could no longer do the job he loved. He died because his family saw him unemployed. He died because he felt abandoned. He died because he saw how Democrats valued illegal aliens over a Marine hero.

And he died short of a pension and death benefits, leaving his wife and two young children destitute.

We are all now second-class citizens. Criminals; people who scream “Death to America” at rallies across America; Jew-haters; and terrorists are all valued by Biden and his traitorous communist cabal higher than you and me.

Where is the national media coverage of this tragic story? Why isn’t Biden to blame? Why isn’t the entire Democrat Party to blame? They opened the border and welcomed millions in. The cost of that is bankrupting America. It certainly contributed to the death of this hero firefighter.

But did Biden and Democrats contribute to his death TWICE?

Remember Biden chose to mandate the Covid vaccine- specifically to First Responders. First Responders like Derek Floyd are dying in huge numbers of heart attacks and strokes- only since the vaccine. Yes, Trump supports the vaccine. But he never mandated it, and never will. No firefighter like Derek Floyd would have ever been forced to take it. But in Biden’s America and deep blue Democrat New York, all firefighters were forced to take the jab, or lose their jobs.

Did it contribute to Derek Floyd’s heart attack death? He’s not alone- we are seeing an epidemic of excess death. The media should be demanding an investigation of why so many cops, firefighters and military personnel are dying of heart attacks at a young age- only since Biden mandated the vaccine.

So, where is the media?

They are in all these cases (and many more) covering up the truth that would destroy Biden and the Democrat Party forever.

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