WATCH: Unhinged Democrat Rep. Gerald Connolly Declares ‘the Ukrainian-Russian Border Is OUR Border’

Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat, declared on the House floor that “the Ukrainian-Russian border is OUR border” during an unhinged speech.

Connolly was raging at Republicans opposing the aid package to Ukraine before Saturday’s vote.

“Some say, well, we have to deal with our border first,” Connolly claimed. “The Ukrainian-Russian border is our border! It’s the border between depraved autocracy and freedom-loving people seeking our democratic way of life! Do we have a stake in that outcome? Yes. Undeniably, yes.”

Connolly echoed the sentiment in a post on X, writing, “The border between Russia and Ukraine is the border between depravity and democracy. Between autocracy and freedom. We undeniably have a stake in that outcome of that fight.”

“Today, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters,” the lawmaker continued in the post, which also included a video of his speech.

The House ultimately passed the bill, which includes $61 billion in aid for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, our own border is currently being invaded.


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