WATCH: Democrat Representatives Wave Ukrainian Flags on House Floor After Voting to Give Them Another $60.8 Billion

Democrat members of Congress waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor after voting to give them another $60.8 billion in taxpayer funds.

The $95.3 billion foreign aid package funds Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan — with nothing for Americans.

On Saturday, the package was approved 311-112 with all of the “nay” votes from Republicans.

“Ukrainian flags fly in the chamber of the UNITED STATES House of Representatives as they vote to send more of your hard-earned money to a corrupt foreign regime. And just like that they shout ‘UKRAINE! UKRAINE!’ while happily working to secure Ukraine’s borders, not ours,” Senator Rand Paul wrote in a post on X.

“Put those damn flags away!” Rep. Anna Paulina Luna said.

Republicans on X were quick to blast the lawmakers for waving foreign flags on the floor of our Congress.

“U.S. Representatives are waiving Ukrainian flags on the house floor right now. They are TRAITORS!” political commentator and National Committeewoman for the DC Young Republicans, Kingsley Wilson, wrote.

“Waiving foreign flags on the House floor? This is what a nation that has been conquered looks like,” Blaze TV host Lauren Chen wrote.


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