WATCH: Brave West Virginia School Girls Refuse to Compete Against Transgender (Bio Male) Competitor at Track and Field Meet, Sacrificing Potential Glory to Stand for Fairness


West Virginia middle school girls on Thursday took a bold stand. They refused to compete against a biological male in a major track and field event just two days after the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked a law that mandated competing in the category that matches biological sex.

As previously reported by the Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra MacDonald, the federal appeals court claimed the law violated Title IX, the federal civil rights law that is supposed to protect female sports. The ruling was 2-1 and only applies to 13-year-old student Becky Pepper-Jackson, who supposedly began “transitioning” in third grade. revealed that five teenage girls “stepped out” during a track and field meet at the 2024 Harrison County Middle School Championships on Thursday afternoon at Liberty High School in Clarksburg, West Virginia, to protest the inclusion of Pepper-Johnson. In doing so, they forfeited potential glory in exchange for fairness and justice.

Seven schools were at the meet: Bridgeport, Heritage Christian, Notre Dame, South Harrison, Lincoln, Mountaineer (Clarksburg), and Washington Irving. Pepper-Johnson competes for the Bridgeport Middle School girls’ track & field team in Bridgeport, West Virginia, specifically shot put and discus throwing.

The protesting girls compete for Lincoln.

In the video below, the five Lincoln girls’ team members step in and then step out to object to Pepper-Johnson’s inclusion during the shot put contest. They then did the same for the discus event.


Pepper-Johnson won the shot put event in no small part due to the protest according to to

Former NCAA champion swimmer and women’s’ rights advocate Riley Gaines shared her thoughts on X following the girls’ bold stand.

It’s a sad day when the middle school girls have to be the adults in the room. Conceding your event is so much easier said than done, but these girls have the tenacity and ability to stand their ground.

I couldn’t be more proud of their bravery and willingness to show their raw emotion. Girls and women have had enough.

If more individuals had a fraction of these girls’ bravery, the woke LGBTQ agenda would be on life support. But we live in a world full of cowards.


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