Victor Reacts: This Should be Very Telling (VIDEO)

There are only so many reasons that someone might oppose common sense election integrity legislation, so this should be very telling.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), alongside former President Donald Trump, announced the introduction of legislation aimed at tightening the requirements for voter registration in federal elections.

He highlighted the ease with which individuals can register to vote while applying for a driver’s license under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, commonly known as the “motor voter law.”

“If an individual only asserts or simply states that they are a citizen, they don’t have to prove it. They can register that person to vote in a federal election. You see, states are currently prohibited,” Johnson said.

Emphasizing the need for legislation, Johnson announced, “Our bill will require that every single person who registers the vote in a federal election must prove that they’re an American citizen first. You have to prove it. That will be a new part of the federal law and a very important one.”

“Our bill also requires states to remove non-citizens from their existing voter rolls. That’s a big problem, too. And it will provide access to databases from the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to help the states administer this.”

“As the entity that is responsible for regulating federal elections, Congress has this responsibility. We cannot wait for widespread fraud to occur, especially when the threat of fraud is growing with every single illegal immigrant that crosses that border,” Johnson said.

In a serious country that actually cares about having free and fair elections, this would have already been the law of the land many years ago. Unfortunately there are some in our country that are already signaling that they oppose the legislation.

Why might someone oppose election integrity measures? There can only be so many motives for wanting to prevent what should be a bipartisan effort to ease the concerns of millions of Americans.

Democrats have been purposefully bringing in millions through mass illegal immigration with the not so subtle long term goal of turning those illegals into millions of democrat voters. Opposing this legislation should be very telling.

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