Transgender ‘Throuple’ in New York Announce Birth of Baby Boy — Call Him the ‘Gayest Baby in the Tri-State Area’

Transgender partners Daniel and Grace Lavery and the third addition to their relationship, Lily Woodruff, have brought a baby into their complicated and gender-confused lives.

“Grace” Lavery is a biological man but identifies as a “woman,” and Daniel Lavery is a biological woman who now identifies as “male.”

The transgender couple began dating while both were in the middle of “transitioning” in 2018 and married in 2019.

The Daily Mail reports:

They tied the knot one year later, but in 2021, the couple, who live in Brooklyn, New York, decided to add a third person to their romance: a woman named Lily Woodruff.

Now, they have welcomed a fourth member to their family after Lily gave birth to a son, named Rochbert Joseph Ozymandias, or Rocco for short, on Wednesday.

Grace shared the exciting news via Instagram, writing, ‘Friends. Allow me to introduce you to Rochbert Joseph Ozymandias. Rocco to you lot.’

The Instagram post continued, “He has blue eyes, grippy fingers, a laissez faire attitude to pronouns, the gentle aroma of late summer plums, a sleepy smile, and a sweet soft temperament befitting one of his undoubted rank and stature.”

The baby was born on April 3.

When Woodruff announced her pregnancy in December, she wrote that she would be having “the gayest baby in the Tri-State area.”

“Keep our multilateral parenting squad in your hearts and vibes until early April … We look forward to introducing you soon to the gayest baby in the Tri-State area,” she wrote.


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