Total Surrender: Johnson’s Ukraine Aid Package Allows Biden to Forgive 50% of “Loans” on November 15 and 100% of “Loans” to Ukraine Later On

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In the last month, Republicans under Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership have given up a $1.2 trillion spending bill with more support from Democrats than Republicans, reauthorization for warrantless searches of Americans under FISA Section 702, and now this.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Wednesday that Joe Biden, the Democrats, House Speaker Mike Johnson, and the RINOs are colluding on an aid package for Ukraine, which may upset plans by some Republican lawmakers to remove Johnson from the Speaker’s chair.

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Johnson was negotiating with the Biden regime to introduce a substantial funding package for foreign conflicts and whip up opposition from the Democrats to a Motion to Vacate against him.

The $95 billion package provides an additional “$60.84 billion to address the conflict in Ukraine and assist our regional partners as they counter Russia, $23.2 billion of which will be used for replenishment of U.S. weapons, stocks, and facilities.” It also provides aid to both Israel and, reportedly, Gaza and other conflict zones around the world. “I will sign this into law immediately to send a message to the world,” said Joe Biden in a statement urging Democrats in the House and the Democrat-controlled Senate to pass the un-American legislation.

Biden Backs Mike Johnson’s Ukraine Aid Plan, Urges Democrats to Get on Board and Says he Will Sign Into Law “Immediately” – Rep. Thomas Massie: “Johnson’s Plan is Biden’s Plan”

This legislation includes a loan structure, which comes after Mike Johnson spoke at a press conference with President Trump at the Mar a Lago on April 12. The President expressed his desire to make the funding “in the form of a loan” and stop “handing out gifts.”

According to a source with knowledge about the press conference, Mike Johnson went to the Mar a Lago to speak with President Trump about a variety of issues critical to the GOP and to show unity within the party. Johnson originally hoped to cover support for his Ukraine aid package in the press conference, though after what appeared to be a lack of enthusiasm, the topic shifted to election integrity efforts. During the conference, a reporter asked Trump whether he would support a Ukrainian aid bill if the Speaker moved forward with it.

Trump responded to the reporter’s question:

Trump: We’re looking at it right now, and they’re talking about it, and we’re thinking about making it in the form of a loan instead of just a gift. We keep handing out gifts of billions and billions of dollars, and we’ll take a look at it. But much more importantly to me is the fact that Europe has to step up, and they have to give money. They have to equalize it. They don’t equalize. I’m very upset about it because they’re affected much more than we are. The Ukraine situation would have never happened if I was president. It would have never, ever happened, and everybody says that, including Democrats. That it happened is such an outrage. Millions of people are dead right now—both sides, millions of people are dead. Cities are blown to ashes; you’ll never rebuild those cities and certainly not like they were, so beautiful. And this is something that should have never happened. October 7 should have never happened in Israel. It should have never happened. What happened there was outrageous. Iran was broke when I was president. People weren’t buying oil from Iran. They weren’t allowed to. If they were going to buy oil from Iran, then they weren’t going to do any business in the US. And I said it to China, I said it to everybody. They weren’t doing business. They were broke. They didn’t have money for Hamas. They didn’t have money for Hezbollah. It would have never happened. October 7 would have never happened; It did happen, and now it’s a disaster, and it’s only getting worse. So, it’s very sad.

Via Right Side Broadcasting Network:

However, the package Mike Johnson announced Wednesday includes terms that will allow the President to cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt after November 15, 2024 and the remaining 50% after January 1, 2024. It’s no wonder why Joe Biden came out “strongly” in support of the package, urging the House and Senate to pass it.

After President Trump wins the 2024 election, as expected, Joe Biden can cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt before his term is over in January. If Biden and the Democrats pull off another stolen election, they can forgive 100% of Ukraine’s debt a little over one year later.

From the text of H.R. 8035 – Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024:

Page 38 and 39: H.R. 8035 – Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024

More below:


(1) The President may not before November 15, 2024 take any action related to the indebtedness of the Government of Ukraine that cancels any indebtedness incurred by Ukraine pursuant to this section.

(2) At any time after November 15, 2024, the President may, subject to congressional review provided by section 508, cancel up to 50 percent of the total indebtedness incurred by Ukraine or antici- pated to be incurred by Ukraine with respect to economic assistance and related expenses made available under the headings ‘‘Economic Support Fund’’ and ‘‘Assistance for Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia’’ in title IV of this Act. Upon completion of the congressional review process set forth in section 508, such cancellation shall be final and irrevocable.

 (3) The President may, subject to congressional review provided by section 508, cancel any remaining indebtedness to the government of Ukraine under this section at any time after January 1, 2026. Upon completion of the congressional review process set forth in section 508, such cancellation shall be final and irrevocable.

In section 508 of the bill, which gives Congress the authority to review Ukraine loan forgiveness and pass a joint resolution in disapproval, Biden is also given the power to veto any resolution disapproving the action–if House RINOs even pass one. Congress can only delay loan forgiveness by the President for “5 calendar days after the veto message is received by the appropriate House of Congress.”

Page 39 and 40: H.R. 8035 – Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024

More below:


(1) IN GENERAL.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, before taking any action described in paragraph (2), the President shall submit to Congress a written report that describes that action and the reason for that action.

(2) ACTION DESCRIBED.—An action described in this paragraph is an action related to the indebtedness of the Government of Ukraine authorized by section 507(d)(1).


(1) 2024.—During calendar year 2024, if the President submits to Congress a report under subsection (a)(1), the President may not take any action with respect to the indebtedness of the Government of Ukraine until the later of—

(A) the date that is 10 calendar days after the date of such submission; or

(B) the date on which Congress has considered and failed to pass a joint resolution of disapproval, as provided in this section.


(A) IN GENERAL.—During calendar year 2025 or any calendar year thereafter, if the President submits to Congress a report under subsection (a)(1), the President may not take any action with respect to the indebtedness of the Government of Ukraine until the later of—

(i) the date that is 30 calendar days after the date of such submission, except as provided in subparagraph (B); or

(ii) the date on which Congress has failed to pass a joint resolution of disapproval, as provided in this section.

(B) EXCEPTION.—The period for congressional review of a report submitted under subsection (a)(1) shall be 60 calendar days if the report is submitted to Congress on or after July 10 and on or before September 7 in any calendar year.

(3) VETO MESSAGE.—If the President vetoes a joint  resolution of disapproval, he may not take any action with respect to the indebtedness of Ukraine for 5 calendar days after the veto message is received by the appropriate House of Congress.

Via Greg Price on X:

In response, Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) noted how Biden also wants to forgive “100% of student loans” and will likely exercise the power that weak Republicans handed over.

Donald Trump Jr. also chimed in:

Trump: The Swamp thinks you’re stupid. They think every conservative in America is an idiot who will fall for their bullsh*t!!!

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