“This is 2024!” – Joe Biden Outraged Sexually Explicit Books and Pornographic Literature Banned From Elementary Schools (VIDEO)

Joe Biden once again attacked Republican lawmakers for banning sexually explicit books in schools.

Of course, Biden is upset sexually explicit books are banned from schools and libraries.

This is the same guy who took showers with his daughter and openly molests children.

“This is 2024! Banning books! Attempting to erase history!” Biden said during virtual remarks at the National Action Network Convention in the South Court Auditorium.


No one is trying to ban reading books.

Republican lawmakers removed sexually explicit books from schools so minor children are not exposed to pornographic material.

Why do Democrats insist on pushing porn books on kids?

One book that was found in several libraries is titled, Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe.

The book is a graphic novel with drawings that explains in lurid detail the sexual interactions between two underage school boys, has been inserted into high school libraries across America, despite it violating guidelines against pornography or sexually explicit materials being provided to minors and paid for with our tax dollars.

Gender Queer includes countless images of male-on-male sexual encounters, accompanied by words that one would expect to find inside adult porn shops or gay sex clubs. Even so, this book was purchased and pushed by school officials around the country, despite it clearly violating county guidelines.

This is the type of filth Joe Biden wants in school libraries.


Here is a page from the book. Most Americans did not realize this is a PICTURE book with explicit drawings.

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