Student Suspended After Anti-Israel Protest Complains About Facing Consequences for Her Actions

Maryam Iqbal Image: @bluepashminas/X

On Thursday, The Gateway Pundit reported that anti-Israel students were arrested and suspended by Columbia University in New York City for organizing a pro-Hamas occupation on campus grounds.

Among the arrestees from Barnard College, which is connected to Columbia, was Rep. Ilhan Omar’s “angry black girl” daughter, Isra.

Barnard student Maryam Iqbal was also arrested and now seems shocked that there are consequences for her behavior.

Iqbal took to social media to complain that there are real-world consequences for real-world actions.

She wrote on X, “Just got out of jail after Columbia called NYPD to mass arrest 100+ students. I have been suspended and evicted from housing by Barnard. This has only strengthened my commitment to the movement for Palestinian liberation and I promise to continue fighting for divestment.”

She continued, “It’s 2am. I was forced to stand outside the Barnard gates for an entire hour waiting for someone to let me in, while Barnard Public Safety told me they are ‘going above and beyond’ by even considering allowing me into my own room for 15 minutes. I haphazardly packed and have left.”

“Giving us 15 minutes to pack up and leave from our housing is seriously twisted. I am not surprised at all — I am glad administration is finally showing their face to the general student body, because student organizers have known from the start how evil these administrators are.”

At the request of Columbia officials, NYPD engaged to disperse protestors and remove the encampment when the arrests occurred.

The arrests come on the heels of Columbia President Dr. Nemat “Minouche” Shafik’s testimony in front of Wednesday’s House Education and the Workforce Committee hearing.

The hearing was focused on the pervasive antisemitism at the Ivy League school as well as demanding answers to what consequences, if any, Professor Joseph Massad faced after he penned an article praising the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks against Israeli civilians.   Massad praised Hamas militants as “awesome,” “astonishing,” “astounding,” and “incredible.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) issued a statement following Shafik’s testimony:

“My statement on @Columbia University’s failure to combat antisemitism following the inconsistent and unacceptable testimony from their campus leadership: “Today’s hearing of Columbia University president and board members epitomizes the failed leadership on “elite” college campuses to combat antisemitism and protect Jewish students. From the university president’s moral equivocation on antisemitism, to glaringly inconsistent testimony regarding disciplinary action and lack thereof taken against antisemitic students and pro-terrorist faculty, to astonishingly stating that there has been no “anti-Jewish” protests on campus only to then acknowledge that “F– the Jews” & “Death to the Jews” is in-fact anti-Jewish when she was further pressed.

Interestingly, during a break, the witnesses were overheard discussing how well they thought their testimony was going for Columbia. This arrogance is eerily reminiscent to the previous three university presidents who believed walking out of the hearing that their testimony was acceptable. Columbia is in for a reckoning of accountability.

If it takes a member of Congress to force a university president to fire a pro-terrorist, antisemitic faculty chair, then Columbia University leadership is failing Jewish students and its academic mission. No amount of overlawyered, overprepped, and over-consulted testimony is going to cover up for failure to act.”


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