Stephen A. Smith Says Democrat Lawfare Against Trump Proves They’re Scared They Can’t Beat Him on the Issues (VIDEO)

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith recently went off on the Democrats in a rant about all of the lawfare that they’re waging against Trump.

This is not the first time that Smith has gone off like this. Just last month, he tore into Democrats over similar issues.

Smith suggested that all this does is prove that Democrats don’t believe they can beat Trump on the issues. He also suggests that it proves Trump’s claims about election interference.

FOX News reports:

Stephen A. Smith calls liberals cowards for lawfare against Trump: ‘Scared you can’t beat him’

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith called out liberals directly for pursuing criminal trials against former President Trump, saying that they’re “scared” they “can’t beat him on the issues.”…

“It’s much ado about nothing,” Smith said on the podcast. “To my liberal friends out there, all you’re doing is showing that you’re scared you can’t beat him on the issues and the merits.”…

“That’s why he keeps saying they can’t beat me at the election, at the polls. This is the only way they can do it,” he said.

Smith also gave a warning about where this strategy will lead, especially if Trump is never put in jail, predicting there will “never be peace in this country” as a result.

“And if you don’t put him in jail, and he still goes from being the presumptive GOP nominee to the official GOP nominee, and he goes to the polls, even though he was going to whine about winning and being rigged again, you have given more fodder to that argument, which means we’ll never have peace in this country.”

Watch the video:

What Smith has suggested here is clear to millions of Americans. Even Democrats know it, though they won’t admit it.


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