Speaker Johnson Unveils Voter Legislation During Press Conference with Donald Trump: Proof of U.S. Citizenship Required for Federal Elections — Will Remove Non-Citizens from Existing Voter Rolls

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), alongside former President Donald Trump, announced the introduction of legislation aimed at tightening the requirements for voter registration in federal elections.

Speaker Johnson traveled to Florida on Friday for a crucial meeting with the one individual capable of saving his leadership position, former President Donald Trump. The meeting comes after he approved of warrantless spying on American citizens, jeopardizing the Fourth Amendment right.

Laura Loomer wrote earlier, “President Trump needs to cancel his meeting at Mar a Lago with Speaker Johnson. He just broke a tied vote and voted in favor of not requiring a warrant for the government to spy on Americans. Donald Trump said Kill FISA. Mike Johnson just helped Joe Biden have an easier time spying on President Trump’s 2024 campaign and paved the way for increased mass surveillance of Americans. He’s trying to sabotage Trump!”

In an attempt to save his career, Speaker Johnson emphasized the critical importance of upholding election integrity, citing concerns over non-citizens influencing election outcomes due to the “open border catastrophe.”

“States are currently prohibited from asking someone to prove they’re a citizen,” Speaker Johnson said.

He highlighted the ease with which individuals can register to vote while applying for a driver’s license under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, commonly known as the “motor voter law.”

“If an individual only asserts or simply states that they are a citizen, they don’t have to prove it. They can register that person to vote in a federal election. You see, states are currently prohibited,” Johnson said.

“Believe it or not, the states are prohibited from asking someone to prove that they’re a citizen. The federal voter registration form just has a check-up box. If you do that, you’re good. The states can’t allow it. We think that’s a serious problem.”

“We only want US citizens to vote in US elections. But there are some Democrats who don’t want to do that. We believe that one of their designs, one of the reasons for this open border, which everybody ask all around the country, why would they do this?”

“Right now, the administration is encouraging illegals to go to their local welfare office to sign up for benefits. Well, guess what? When you go to a welfare office, they also ask you if you would like to register to vote.”

“There are so many millions of illegals in the country that if only one out of 100 voted, they would cast potentially hundreds of thousands of votes in the election. That could turn an election. This could be a tight election in our congressional races around the country. It could, if there are enough votes, affect the presidential election,” Johnson said.

Emphasizing the need for legislation, Johnson announced, “Our bill will require that every single person who registers the vote in a federal election must prove that they’re an American citizen first. You have to prove it. That will be a new part of the federal law and a very important one.”

“Our bill also requires states to remove non-citizens from their existing voter rolls. That’s a big problem, too. And it will provide access to databases from the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to help the states administer this.”

“As the entity that is responsible for regulating federal elections, Congress has this responsibility. We cannot wait for widespread fraud to occur, especially when the threat of fraud is growing with every single illegal immigrant that crosses that border,” Johnson said.


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