Speaker Johnson Supports Funding the Ukraine War Sinkhole – “Those Are American Jobs that Build Upgraded Weapons and Ammo Here” (VIDEO)

Speaker Mike Johnson will fund the war in Ukraine with billions of tax-payer dollars.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) becomes more and more of a disappointment by the day.

The Louisiana congressman gave the FBI approval to spy on Americans without a warrant last week. Johnson was the deciding vote. Johnson also gave Democrats EVERY item they requested on the spending bill to bankrupt the country and increase the historic inflation.

And on Monday Johnson said he is ready to fund the hapless Ukraine War.

Johnson is not capable of fighting back against the Uniparty cabal so he joined them – once again.

Reporter: What is the plan land Republicans who say they’re hearing from constituents and have a real problem with any funding for Ukraine. What if that bill is carried by Democrats? How do you approach that?

Speaker Mike Johnson: Well, listen, the Ukraine piece is clearly on the Republican side, the most controversial one, I think, the one that has the most difference of opinion. I think there’s an idea that lethal aid is different than the humanitarian aid. If you convert some of this economic assistance to a loan, that makes a lot of sense to a lot of people. But I think the American people deserve to have it explained to them why it is in America’s interest to assist here.

Importantly, 68% of this package is the replenishment of our own munitions, our own weapons. Those are American jobs that build upgraded weapons and ammo here. A lot of those things need to be explained. They need to be analyzed independently. I think that we will probably do that here in this legislation and make it clear to people that what exactly they’re voting for and why. I think that’s really important for the American people.

Reporter: Aside from the separate bills, how does this legislation different from what the Senate has already passed?

Speaker Johnson: Well, the underlying text will have some of our innovations in it with regard to accountability for the funding and some of these other measures. We’ve talked a lot about the loan concept and for Ukraine, certainly on that piece, that will be a part of that. I think that you’ll see the text differs in those ways, but the overall concept is the same. It’s the same places that the funding would be sent, and you’ll see the House’s take on it. That’s how this process works. These are two separate chambers. I can’t be responsible for what happens in the Senate or how they do their business. My responsibility as a House of Representatives, and we’re going to do that. Thank you.

If you are a conservative voter – The Uniparty will never represent you.

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