SAY WHAT? USA Today Claims Biden Has ‘Clamped Down on Unauthorized Border Crossings’

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It has been fascinating to watch over the last few years as the media, which spent four years relentlessly hammering Trump for anything and everything, does everything it can to protect Biden from even the slightest criticisms.

There are even times when the media spin gets so overstretched that they forget themselves and say something so outrageously untrue that it borders on comedy.

In this case, USA Today is making the bizarre claim that Biden has ‘clamped down’ on unauthorized border crossings. He has? When?

FOX News reports:

Social media users confused by USA Today claim that Biden has ‘clamped down on unauthorized border crossings’

Social media users this weekend were baffled by USA Today claiming that President Biden has “clamped down” on illegal immigration, blasting the outlet for making the claim in a recent piece about Biden’s visit to the site of the Baltimore bridge collapse.

The outlet published a report on Biden’s speech at the site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse on Friday, where he grieved for the six immigrant workers who died after a cargo ship struck the bridge and triggered the destruction.

In addition to noting that Biden used the opportunity to urge “Congress to take swift action to approve funding to rebuild the bridge,” the piece also mentioned the president taking action on illegal immigration to America.

It stated, “Biden, who has clamped down on unauthorized border crossings, steered clear of mentioning the victims’ status in the country, instead focusing on their contribution to their community.”

People reacted on Twitter/X:

So much of our media is just pure liberal propaganda.

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