Rutgers President Abandons Terrified Jewish Students – Flees Town Hall as Pro-Hamas Radicals Shout Anti-Israel Slogans and Calling for an Intifada

Image: @StopAntisemites/X

On Thursday, the Rutgers University Student Assembly held a town hall event where two BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction) referendums were up for a vote.

The referendums would sever ties with Tel Aviv University and divest from anything connected to Israel.

The event was disrupted by a group of “out of control” pro-Palestinian protesters shrieking anti-Israel slogans like “one solution, intifada revolution.”

The meeting ended early, and Jewish students were ushered out by police.

A student spoke with Fox News Digital telling the outlet that “Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway and administrators ‘ran away,’ ‘leaving behind the Jewish/pro-Israel students to deal with an unruly and obviously antisemitic crowd, whose attention turned to the Jews after the administration left.'”

“They said police then ushered students out the back door because it was too dangerous to exit the front door.”

Jewish students, who had come to the town hall to discuss their safety on campus with officials, were abandoned by the university president in a room full of radicals calling for the annihilation of the Jewish state.

Rutgers alumnus Bethany S. Mandel shared videos from the event.

“Tonight at @RutgersU the President held a town hall with students. It devolved into anarchy, and he fled with half the police present. Jewish students who came to ask about how the admin would keep them safe on campus were left to beg the remaining police to escort them out.”

“As you can hear, students are chanting genocidal slogans calling for intifada and the destruction of the Jewish state. Jewish students were left among this crowd unprotected.”


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