RINO Mike Gallagher Announces He is Flexible to Pass Deep State’s Ukraine Aid Package and Will Stay Until Saturday – Biden Admin Awards Him With Highest Honor Civilian Can Receive From U.S. Navy

RINO Rep. Mike Gallagher’s betrayal of Republican voters will continue, as the soon-to-resign Congressman from Wisconsin announced he will stay in the Swamp until Saturday to support the Biden-endorsed foreign aid package.

The $95 billion package provides an additional “$60.84 billion to address the conflict in Ukraine and assist our regional partners as they counter Russia, $23.2 billion of which will be used for replenishment of U.S. weapons, stocks, and facilities.” It also provides aid to both Israel and, reportedly, “Gaza and other conflict zones around the world.” “I will sign this into law immediately to send a message to the world,” said Joe Biden in a statement urging Democrats in the House and the Democrat-controlled Senate to pass the un-American legislation.

Worse, as The Gateway Pundit reported, the package Johnson announced Wednesday includes terms that will allow the President to cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt after November 15, 2024 and the remaining 50% after January 1, 2024. It’s no wonder why Joe Biden came out “strongly” in support of the package, urging the House and Senate to pass it.

Total Surrender: Johnson’s Ukraine Aid Package Allows Biden to Forgive 50% of “Loans” on November 15 and 100% of “Loans” to Ukraine Later On

After President Trump wins the 2024 election, as expected, Joe Biden can cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt before his term ends in January. However, if Biden and the Democrats pull off another stolen election, they can forgive 100% of Ukraine’s debt a little over one year later. This isn’t a loan. It’s a handout.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) introduced multiple amendments to the Swamp’s foreign aid package to cut 100% of funding to Ukraine to provide aid to Americans impacted by the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment and Hawaii wildfire disasters, but only some of the Israel aid to secure our southern border. Another amendment would require members who vote for the Ukraine aid bill to enlist in the Ukrainian military and go fight the war themselves. Still, it’s clearly not likely the RINO-Democrat Swamp will pass any of these.

Gallagher, who is currently chairman of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, announced last month that he will not seek reelection.

Instead of serving out the rest of his term, Gallagher will retire early, leaving the GOP with a one-vote majority!

But it’s worse than that.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, if Gallagher had left before April 9th, he would have triggered a special election in his district. Because he is leaving after April 9th but still in April, there will be no special election, so the seat will remain empty until January when the new Congress convenes.

This ensures that Republicans will lose another seat of their majority in Congress.

Emerald Robinson believes Gallagher’s decision to leave shortly after RINO Ken Buck of Colorado is an organized tactic to put Republicans into the minority before the November elections. That way, Democrats can nullify a Trump victory by using the 14th Amendment to keep him from office.

This is how the Uniparty works.

They do everything they can to screw with their voters.

It can be recalled that Gallagher voted with the RINOs against the Mayorkas impeachment and for the $1.2 trillion spending bill with more support from Democrats than Republicans, as well as reauthorization for warrantless searches of Americans under FISA Section 702. Now, he is staying through the weekend to vote for the Uniparty’s foreign aid bill.

By next week, Republicans in the House will have bent over and let the Democrats ram the massive spending bill, FISA 702 reauthorization, and the disastrous foreign aid bill through.

Per Politico:

Speaker Mike Johnson may get a much-needed boost for his foreign aid plans as departing Rep. Mike Gallagher has flexibility to remain in town into Saturday to support the package, according to his office.

“The congressman has the flexibility to stay and support the aid package on Saturday,” a spokesperson told POLITICO. The Wisconsin Republican previously announced his intent to resign his seat Friday, which would further slash Johnson’s majority to a one-seat margin.

Even more despicable, shortly after making this announcement, Gallagher was awarded the Navy Distinguished Public Service Award, “the highest honor for which civilians not employed by the Department of the Navy can receive,” according to the United States Navy.

Unlike America First Republicans, Uniparty RINOs receive all of the praise and awards when they sell out their country and their constituents.

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