Revealed: Group of Prominent Trump-Hating Media Commentators Have Been MEETING WEEKLY for Two Years to Strategize on How to Bring Down Trump

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It’s official – a group of prominent Trump-hating media commentators have been meeting weekly for two years on how to bring down Trump.

Where are the black women?

Above left to right clockwise:

Bill Krystal – Never-Trumper who’s gone wacko
Andrew Weissmann – enough said – Deep State prince
Lawrence Tribe – member of Biden/Obama tribe and Harvard nutcase
George Conway – arguably the most abusive husband ever
Jeffrey Toobin – CNN commentator caught spanking it during a conference call
John Dean – Deep stater who set up Nixon then testified in Trump impeachment

Trump Attorney Jeffrey Clark nailed this one:

I called it!

A group of leftist legal commentators has been meeting weekly for about two years to strategize about how to bring down Trump using the media.

I even coined a term for the phenomenon: “JournoLawfare™️” as my followers will be well familiar with.

This Politico article admits it.

Just like the Molly Ball Time article about how they “fortified” the 2020 election, they always have to brag about what they are trying to do to kill off Trump.

Just some of the participants listed here: Tribe, Weismann, Kristol, Conway, John Dean, and Toobin. Not pictured — Luttig.

Politico reported that the group started meeting when they were coordinating their January 6 Committee lies to the public:

As the Jan. 6 committee was working on its bombshell investigation into the Capitol riot and President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the last election, committee staffers took some time out of their seemingly 24-hour jobs one day in 2022 to brief a group of lawyers and legal pundits on a Zoom call.

The people on the call weren’t affiliated with the investigation or the government. But they would have been familiar to anyone who watches cable news. They were some of the country’s most well-known legal and political commentators, and they were there to get insights into the committee’s work and learn about what to look for at the hearings.

The group’s gathering was not a one-time event, but in fact an installment in an exclusive weekly digital salon, whose existence has not been previously reported, for prominent legal analysts and progressive and conservative anti-Trump lawyers and pundits. Every Friday, they meet on Zoom to hash out the latest twists and turns in the Trump legal saga — and intellectually stress-test the arguments facing Trump on his journey through the American legal system.

This more proof that the media not only lies but coordinates their lies and gaslighting before it reaches their gullible audience.


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