Rep. Jim Banks Introduces ‘Defund NPR Act’

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks has introduced the “Defund NPR Act” taking aim at the far-left National Public Radio.

NPR has been under fire after hiring a leftist activist, Katherine Maher, as their new CEO.

Former NPR editor Uri Berliner was also recently suspended (and subsequently resigned) after revealing NPR’s Washington, D.C., news team includes 87 registered Democrats and zero registered Republicans.

The bill states that “no Federal funds may, directly or indirectly,” be “made available to or used to support” NPR, “including through the payment of dues to or the purchase of programming from such organization by a public broadcast station using Federal funds received by such station.”

In a press release, the Anti-Woke Caucus Chairman said, “NPR’s new CEO is a radical, left-wing activist who doesn’t believe in free speech or objective journalism.”

“Hoosiers shouldn’t be writing her paychecks,” the congressman continued. “Katherine Maher isn’t qualified to teach an introductory journalism class, much less capable of responsibly spending millions of American tax dollars. NPR was a liberal looney bin under the last CEO John Lansing, and it’s about to get even nuttier. It’s time to pull the plug on this national embarrassment. Congress must stop spending other people’s hard-earned money on low grade propaganda.”

Banks’ office noted, “Katherine Maher, NPR’s recently appointed CEO, has described the First Amendment as ‘the number one challenge’ to combatting ‘misinformation,’ and has attacked former President Donald Trump on social media on several occasions.”


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