REMINDER: The Biden Administration Granted Iran Billions in New Sanctions Relief Just One Month Ago

Tonight, as Iran launches attacks on Israel, it is important to remember that exactly one month ago the Biden administration granted new sanctions relief to Iran that gave the country access to billions.

The move was criticized by Republicans and downplayed by Democrats and the liberal media.

It’s just another reminder that Biden has a habit of making the exact wrong decision on foreign policy every single time.

FOX News reported in March:

US frees up billions in sanctions relief to Iran as Tehran proxies wreak havoc in region

White House national security advisor John Kirby on Friday said the funds from a sanction waiver extended this week by the Biden administration to permit Iraq to purchase energy from Iran will not go to its “mullahs.”

“None of this money goes to the mullahs. None of this money goes into Tehran. The sanctions relief that is provided actually goes to vendors that provide humanitarian assistance to the Iranian people,” he told Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich, during a Friday press briefing. “Not only do the Iraqi people not suffer because of this, the Iranian people aren’t going to suffer because of this.”

“That allows for Iraq to be able to work its way off of Iranian energy so that they can keep the lights on,” Kirby said.

The Biden administration on Thursday came under criticism after it again extended a sanction waiver despite repeated pushback from those concerned that Iran could misuse the funds.

This is all connected.

Biden is a disaster on foreign policy. People tried to warn about it and now here we are.


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