Primary Voters in Wisconsin and Other States Sent a Very Ominous Message to the Biden Campaign This Week

Like Trump, Joe Biden won his party’s primary races this week in Wisconsin and other states. However, voters in these states also sent a message to Biden and Democrats and it would be very unwise for them to ignore it.

Thousands of voters cast their vote for uninstructed or uncommitted, meaning that they were casting a protest vote, just like what happened to Joe Biden in Michigan.

In Wisconsin, the number of uninstructed votes was greater than the number of votes that decided Wisconsin for Biden in 2020. That is bad news for Biden.

FOX News reports:

Progressive activists take victory lap after tens of thousands of Democrats cast protest votes against Biden

President Biden’s campaign received a significant amount of “protest votes” in Tuesday night’s primaries, adding to the narrative that the campaign is having a difficult time uniting a fractured party base.

In the Wisconsin Democratic primary, 8.4% of voters selected the “uninstructed” option rather than vote for President Biden, which amounted to almost 48,000 votes. Additionally, 17,553 votes, 3.1%, were cast for Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips, who is no longer in the race.

In Connecticut, the vote total for “uncommitted” was 11.5%, just under 8,000 votes. In Rhode Island, 14.9% of voters were “uncommitted,” which totaled just under 4,000 votes.

The uncommitted results came after activists across several states have pushed voters to refrain from voting for Biden in protest over various issues, including the White House’s handling of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Some of those activists in Wisconsin took a victory lap Wednesday after votes rolled in.

This does not bode well for Biden in November.

If this trend continues through the fall it could do serious damage to Biden in the election.


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