President Trump Speaks to Patriotic Americans at Schnecksville, Pennsylvania Rally-Regarding Israel, “The Weakness That We Have Shown, It Would Not Have Happened if We Were in Office” (VIDEO)

President Trump spoke to a very enthusiastic crowd of patriots in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, on Saturday.

As he took the stage, the crowd enthusiastically cheered for the 45th President of the United States.


President Trump addressed Iran’s attack against Israel and said that if he had been in office these attacks would not have happened.

“I want to say God Bless the people of Israel, they are under attack right now, that’s because we show great weakness. This would not happen, the weakness that we’ve shown is unbelievable and it would not have happened if we were in office, you know that, they know that, and everybody knows that,” President Trump said.


President Trump also emphasized that Joe Biden needs to be fired for his incompetence and corruption.

“The people of Pennsylvania are going to tell Crooked Joe: ‘YOU’RE FIRED!’” Trump said.

“One of the leading drivers of Biden’s inflation disasters is war on American energy,” Trump continued.


President Trump also confidently called on Joe Biden to debate him.

“I’m calling on crooked Joe Biden to debate, anytime, anywhere, anyplace, right there. And we have to debate because our country is going in the wrong direction so badly and while it’s a little bit typically early, we have to debate. We have to explain to the American people what the hell is going on,” Trump continued.


Trump 2024!


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